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Xpo Research Symposium 2022 Poster Session

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Poster #

Student Name

Poster Title (with link to pdf)


  1 Feiyang Liu Construction of the Settlement Path to Hawaii Using Genetic Statistics Alexander Ioannidis
  2 James Hansen Visualization of Ignition Kernel Dynamics Gianluca Iaccarino
  3 Julia Olivieri Algorithms for RNA splicing in single cells Julia Salzman
  4 Liwen Ouyang, Felix Meng Developing machine learning tools for the calibration and prediction of global climate models Kenny Chowdhary, Thomas Catanach
  5 Yiping Liu Fast Experiment Design with Synthetic Control Lexing Ying and Jose Blanchet
  6 Leqi Zeng Health Resiliency In Lima Peru Mersedeh Tariverdi
  7 Nadim Saad Design of an improved computational model for traffic flow Margot Gerritsen
2nd place ribbon
8 Tomas Bosschieter, Hui Lan, Zifei Xu Predicting Maternal and Fetal Outcomes in Pregnancy (research not shared widely at this time) Trevor Hastie
  9 Wonyeol Lee Acceleration of ML Training via Low-Precision Floating-Points Alex Aiken
  10 Xiran Liu Combinatorial Optimization in an Alignment Problem for Mixed-Membership Clustering in Population Genetics Noah Rosenberg
  11 Yuanning Zheng EpiMix: an integrative tool for epigenomic subtyping using DNA methylation Olivier Gevaert
  12 Martin Lindsey Laser-induced tunnling: multiphoton fusion Siegfried Glenzer
  13 Devansh Jalota Online Learning for Traffic Routing under Unknown Preferences Marco Pavone
  14 Erin Brown Robust alignment of single-cell and spatial transcriptomes with CytoSPACE Aaron Newman
first place ribbon
15 Laura Domine Deep Learning Applications for Liquid Argon Time Projection Chamber-based Neutrino Detectors Kazuhiro Terao and Hirohisa Tanaka
  16 Dhruv Patel Multi-fidelity Hamiltonian Monte Carlo Method for the Stochastic Inference of Ignition Parameters in Rocket Engine Eric Darve
  17 Fan Liu Exploring Model Assumptions of Rubella Vaccine Introduction in the Democratic Republic of Congo Kurt Frey
  18 Yoko Nagafuchi, Haya Hidayatullah Multiple Phenotype Prediction from Genomic Data Alex Ioannidis; Daniel Mas Montserrat
  19 Christoph Sadee Machine learning classification of skin lesions from clinical dermatology images Olivier Gevaert
  20 Sasha Yousefi Improving Significance Thresholds in COVID-19 Genome-wide Admixture Study Alexander Ioannidis