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PhD Admissions

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Doctoral Program

  • Admission for autumn entry quarter only
  • PhD applicants may indicate areas of academic interest for informational purposes only (there are no specialized tracks as a part of the PhD application)
  • PhD Admit Day Events will be held April 4-5, 2024. Admitted students will receive information about attending our Admit Events shortly after their offer letter.

Applicants to the ICME graduate program may apply either to the MS program or to the PhD program, but may not apply to both. 

  • Admission to the PhD program is much more competitive than to the MS program, therefore students interested primarily in a Master's degree should apply to the MS program. 
  • ICME does not offer the choice for applicants not admitted to the PhD program to be re-considered for MS program admission.
  • See the application deadlines page for important dates
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