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HIVE (HANA Immersive Visualization Environment)

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The HIVE: Stanford’s Immersive Visualization Environment

The HANA Immersive Visualization Environment (HIVE) features a 10-foot-tall by 24-feet-wide display with 13440x5400 resolution and 72 million total active pixels.  Researchers may use multiple displays simultaneously to investigate various aspects of data collection, simulation, and visualization and to zoom in to see detail at previously unheard-of-levels.

F18 Turbulence Model

Built in partnership with the Army High Performance Computing Research Center (AHPCRC) and with the generous support of SAP, the HIVE is located in Huang 050 and is open to all Stanford faculty, students and staff--free of charge-- for research visualization projects and courses.

The HIVE enables collaborative visualization in teaching and research across the sciences, social sciences, and engineering.  Researchers may use multiple displays simultaneously to investigate various aspects of data collection, simulation, and visualization and to zoom-in to see detail at previously unheard-of-levels.  Equipped with Oculus, Vive, and Microsoft Hololenses plus a state-of-the-art sound system the HIVE is ready for all your visualization needs.

Watch to learn more and see the HIVE in action:



How-To: change_the_size_of_your_slides.pdf

Here is a GRID pattern that matches the exact size of the hive and bezzel positions. This can be used to show data on multiple screens: grid.pptx


Aspect ratio of 112:45 or 2.49:1, and 72 million total active pixels. 35 46 inch ultra-narrow bezel backlit monitors in a 7 X 5 concaved configuration giving optimal visual stimuli for all research projects. The HIVE room has 16 individual inputs that allow 16 users to simultaneously connect to the HIVE. Controlling the wall are servers connected through fiber that consists of 2 main hardware platforms called Bravo and Charlie.


Bravo: The bravo is a windows 10 platform with 65gb of memory and 10TB of disk storage space.  The video output is done using ATI Firepro w8100 GPU. Custom edid allow full 13440X5400 resolution. This system uses eyefinity to create one large working environment at 4K. The bravo is the perfect platform for video demonstrations, image manipulation, and presentations. The BRAVO supports all major codecs. 

Charlie: The Charlie server is a single host solution running Centos Linux. This server has 3 Nvidia GP100 GPU’s that attach to 10 datapath switches. Nvidia Isync is used to synchronize the graphic output between the 3 GPU’s. The Charlie is a true 1:1 platform with 35 outputs of 1920X1080 going to all 35 monitors. This provides the perfect mechanism to render 2d and 3d data and the ability to run native linux applications at the maximum resolution of the HIVE (13440X5400).

VR: The HIVE offers Oculus, Vive Pro, and Microsoft Hololenses for VR research needs. 

Ellen Kuhl's Lab, within Mechanics and Computation Group

ICME Affiliated Faculty and Professor of Mechanical Engineering Ellen Kuhl's Living Matter Lab using the HIVE