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Student Organizations

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ICME Student Action Group The ICME Student Action Group is a standing committee of ICME students. It includes both MS and PhD students organized in subcommittees to discuss MS- and PhD-specific topics. This group replaces the previous students advisory council. The Group consists of ICME students representatives that work alongside ICME Faculty and Staff on matters that concern the institute's educational mission, students’ life and the ICME community at large. These include, but are not limited to curriculum, research rotations, program requirements, qualifying exams, advisor-advisee relations, community events, student support.


WiMSCE Women in Math, Statistics, and Computational Engineering (WiMSCE, pronounced like “whimsy’’) is a student and faculty group at Stanford University established with the aim of retaining graduate women in higher education by providing opportunities to interact with their peers and mentors who are also conducting applied math research. Examples of past events include career advancement and skill development workshops, invited speaker seminars addressing personal and professional issues faced by women in industry and academia, networking with professionals and fellow graduate students, and social events.





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