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Student Research

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Students of the Institute for Computational and Mathematical Engineering (ICME) are a diverse, interdisciplinary group, with interests and research conducted at the intersection of applied math, statistics, computer science and applications.

ICME students design state-of-the-art mathematical and computational models, methods, and algorithms for engineering and science applications for bioinformatics, geosciences, computational finance, and more. Students' research advances disciplinary fields by designing and improving computational approaches in collaboration with engineers and scientists.

ICME Students
ICME Student


Student Theses

ICME PhD theses are available on Stanford University’s Libraries website.

ICME Student Theses

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students + mentors + faculty = impact

ICME Xplore immerses ICME graduate students in a quarter long, real-world project-based data science learning experience while offering course credit through CME291

ICME Research Symposium

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Poster Session

Every May, ICME holds its ICME Research Symposium (aka Xpo), providing an up-close and inside look at current research and future plans for ICME faculty and students. This is a unique opportunity to see how computational mathematics, data science, machine learning, scientific computing, and related fields are applied across a wide range of domain areas.


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