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ICME Resources

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SoE Technical Support

The School of Engineering provides dedicated desktop support. Get Remote Assistance, Loaner Equipment or Software Assistance.

Computing Resources for ICME Students

Information about ICME-SHARE & Virtual Desktops


The HIVE: Stanford’s Immersive Visualization Environment

The HANA Immersive Visualization Environment (HIVE) features a 10-foot-tall by 24-feet-wide display with 13440x5400 resolution and 72 million total active pixels.  

Researchers may use multiple displays simultaneously to investigate various aspects of data collection, simulation, and visualization and to zoom in to see detail at previously unheard-of-levels. Built in partnership with the Army High Performance Computing Research Center (AHPCRC) and SAP, the HIVE is located in Huang 050 and is open to all Stanford faculty, students and staff--free of charge-- for research visualization projects and courses.

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HPC Computing

ICME offers onsite GPU Server Support and hosts a diverse high performance compute (HPC) infrastructure for our students, faculty, and collaborators and allows researchers across campus to test their algorithms and computer implementation on the latest architectures.  

C-Squared Consulting

C-Squared Consulting

Do you have computational questions in research? Need help determining which matrix library to use in your code? Trouble with boundary conditions?

We're here to help answer these questions and more. Get advice from experienced students and top researchers on a range of topics in computational mathematics.

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JOLTS: Just-In-Time Online Learning Tools

ICME is proud to present the following JOLTS, short learning modules covering one concept or topic, presented by experts in the field.

Training & Other Resources

Programming-oriented courses and Technical Communication Consulting

Stanford and External Resources