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ICME Awards

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The Ben Rolfs Award

In memory of Ben Rolfs, the annual award is provided each year to a graduating MS or PhD student who embodies the qualities exhibited by Ben Rolfs: an adventurous spirit, a promising researcher, a devoted friend to fellow students, and an individual who excels despite adversity.

Stanford University Award

Centennial Teaching Assistant Awards

The annual Centennial Teaching Assistant (CTA) Awards recognizes outstanding teaching assistants (TAs) for their tremendous service and dedication in providing excellent classroom instruction for Stanford students.

Award recipients are selected from a wide range of individuals throughout the Schools of Humanities and Sciences; Earth, Energy & Environment Sciences; and Engineering.

The Gene Golub Dissertation Award

The Gene Golub Dissertation Award is the most important Academic recognition in ICME and exemplifies excellence and innovation just like Prof. Golub throughout his professional life and in the early years of ICME. Prof. Gene Golub passed away in 2007 after spending his entire career (more than 40 years) at Stanford. He was a member of the National Academy of Science and received countless awards and honorary degrees. His  seminal contributions to computational linear algebra, statistical computing and numerical analysis continue to inspire the younger generations of scientists across very broad application areas.

2024 AwardsRecipient 
Gene Golub Doctoral Dissertation AwardAmel AwadelkarimThesis: Algorithms, statistical models, and their applications to real-world networks and choice systems
Gene Golub Doctoral Dissertation AwardYizhou QianThesis: Machine learning and statistical methods for physical systems
Ben Rolfs Memorial AwardFredric Lam 
Student Leadership AwardIzabel Aguiar 
Student Leadership AwardTrevor Maxfield 
Faculty Teaching AwardEric Darve 
Teaching Assistant AwardRajat Dwaraknath 
Instructor Teaching AwardCarlos Ayala Bellido 
University Award  
Centennial TA AwardBryan Xu 
Centennial TA AwardBenson Zu 
2023 AwardsRecipient 
Instructor Teaching AwardAndreas Santucci 
Instructor Teaching AwardNadim Saad 
Course Assistant AwardTomas Bosschieter 
Course Assistant AwardRajat Dwaraknath 
Faculty Teaching AwardLexing Ying 
Ben Rolfs Memorial AwardJulian Cooper 
ICME Leadership AwardAdrienne Propp 
2022 AwardsRecipient 
Gene Golub Doctoral Dissertation AwardArun JambulapatiThesis: New primitives for convex optimization and graph algorithms
Golub Dissertation Honorable mentionAbeynaya GnanasekaranThesis: Fast orthogonal factorization for sparse matrices: theory, implementation, and application
Golub Dissertation Honorable mentionAlex InfangerThesis: Truncation algorithms for Markov chains and processes
Golub Dissertation Honorable mentionJulia Olivieri 
Ben Rolfs Memorial AwardNurbek Tazhimbetov 
Student Leadership AwardShaun Datta 
Faculty Teaching AwardLexing Ying 
Instructor Teaching AwardLaura Lyman 
Teaching Assistant AwardAbeynaya Gnanasekaran 
Teaching Assistant AwardTrevor Maxfield 
University Award  
Centennial TA AwardSergio Camelo Gomez 
Centennial TA AwardAbeynaya Gnanasekaran 
Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI) Graduation AwardKaleigh Mentzer 
2021 AwardsRecipient 
Gene Golub Doctoral Dissertation AwardInes ChamiThesis: Representation learning and algorithms in hyperbolic spaces
Gene Golub Doctoral Dissertation AwardAndrea ZanetteThesis: Reinforcement learning : when can we do sample efficient exploration?
Ben Rolfs Memorial AwardJani Adcock 
Ben Rolfs Memorial AwardKailai Xu 
Student Leadership AwardCindy Orozco Bohorquez 
Teaching Assistant AwardAlexander Infanger 
Instructor Teaching AwardAndreas Santucci 
Faculty Teaching AwardMargot Gerritsen 
2020 AwardsRecipient 
Gene Golub Doctoral Dissertation AwardZhengyu HuangThesis: Modeling and simulation of the inflation of supersonic parachute for Mars landing
Ben Rolfs Memorial AwardAllison Koenecke 
Ben Rolfs Memorial AwardJulia Oliveri 
Student Leadership AwardBradley Nelson 
Teaching Assistant AwardPhilip Etter 
Instructor Teaching AwardAshwin Rao 
Faculty Teaching AwardJohan Ugander 
University Award 
Centennial TA AwardNadim Saad 
2019 AwardsRecipient 
Gene Golub Doctoral Dissertation AwardRon EstrinThesis: The merits of keeping it smooth : iterative linear solvers and a smooth exact penalty function for constrained nonlinear optimization
Gene Golub Doctoral Dissertation AwardLan Huong NguyenThesis: Robust dimensionality reduction for data visualization and latent structure recovery
Ben Rolfs Memorial AwardNolan Andrew Skochdopole 
Student Leadership AwardRemmelt Ammerlaan 
Short Course Instructor AwardSherrie Wang 
Faculty Teaching AwardAaron Sidford 
Faculty Teaching AwardAndras Vasy 
Instructor Teaching AwardAndreas Santucci 
University Award 
Centennial TA AwardLéopold Cambier 
2018 AwardsRecipient 
Gene Golub Doctoral Dissertation AwardEileen MartinThesis: Passive imaging and characterization of the subsurface with distributed acoustic sensing
Gene Golub Doctoral Dissertation AwardEd Schmerling 
Ben Rolfs Memorial AwardSven Schmit 
Student Leadership AwardKarianne Bergen 
Student Leadership AwardDanielle Maddix 
Short Course Instructor AwardBrad Nelson 
Teaching Assistant AwardMatan Leibovich 
Instructor Teaching AwardReza Zadeh 
Faculty Teaching AwardEric Darve 
University Award 
Centennial TA Award
Ron Estrin
Centennial TA Award
Ramtin Keramati
Centennial TA Award
Ed Schmerling
Centennial TA Award
Brett Harvey
Centennial TA Award
Laura Lyman
2017 AwardsRecipient 
Gene Golub Doctoral Dissertation AwardAustin BensonThesis: Tools for higher-order network analysis
Gene Golub Doctoral Dissertation AwardMatthew ZahrThesis: Adaptive model reduction to accelerate optimization problems governed by partial differential equations
Ben Rolfs Memorial AwardVictor Minden 
Student Leadership AwardCarson Kent 
Student Leadership AwardVictor Minden 
Teaching Assistant AwardRon Estrin 
Teaching Assistant AwardAndreas Santucci 
Instructor Teaching AwardHung Le 
Faculty Teaching AwardPeter Glynn 
2016 AwardsRecipient 
Gene Golub Doctoral Dissertation AwardAnil DamleThesis: Sparse representations and fast algorithms for Kohn-Sham orbitals [electronic resource]
Gene Golub Doctoral Dissertation AwardErnest Kang Ryu 
Gene Golub Doctoral Dissertation AwardCarlos Sing Long Collao 
Student Leadership AwardCarlos Alberto Sing Long Collao 
Short Course Instructor AwardCarlos Alberto Sing Long Collao 
Short Course Instructor AwardJoongyeub Yeo 
Teaching Assistant AwardLoek Janssen 
2015 AwardsRecipient 
Gene Golub Doctoral Dissertation AwardSantiago Akle SerranoThesis: Algorithms for unsymmetric cone optimization and an implementation for problems with the exponential cone
Student Leadership AwardVictor Minden 
Short Course Instructor AwardAlex Ioannidis 
Teaching Assistant AwardNolan Skochdopole 
2014 AwardsRecipient 
Gene Golub Doctoral Dissertation AwardReza Bosagh ZadehThesis: Large scale graph completion
Gene Golub Doctoral Dissertation AwardGeoffrey Alex Main 
Student Leadership AwardFayadhoi Ibrahima 
Student Leadership AwardEileen Rose Martin 
Teaching Assistant AwardAnil Damle 
Teaching Assistant AwardDaniel Adam Rehn 
2013 AwardsRecipient 
Gene Golub Doctoral Dissertation AwardMikhail KapralovThesis: Algorithms for bipartite matching problems with connections to sparsification and streaming
Student Leadership AwardReza Bosagh Zadeh 
Student Leadership AwardAnil Damle 
Teaching Assistant AwardPawin Vongmasa 
Teaching Assistant AwardMilinda Lakkam 
University Award 
Centennial TA AwardFayadhoi Ibrahima 
2012 AwardsRecipient 
Gene Golub Doctoral Dissertation AwardMichael LesnickThesis: Multidimensional interleavings and applications to topological inference
Gene Golub Doctoral Dissertation AwardGuanyuan WangThesis: A computational framework based on an embedded boundary method for nonlinear multi-phase fluid-structure interactions
Student Leadership AwardXiangrui Meng 
Teaching Assistant AwardDai Shi 
University Award 
Centennial TA AwardSudarsan Navalpakkam Srinivasan Acharya 
2011 AwardsRecipient 
Gene Golub Doctoral Dissertation AwardMaksims OvsjanikovsThesis: Spectral methods for isometric shape matching and symmetry detection
Student Leadership AwardNicholas Wayne Henderson 
Student Leadership AwardNicholas Jordan West 
Teaching Assistant AwardAndrew Robert Pariser 
University Award 
Centennial TA AwardMary Alice Cameron 
2010 AwardsRecipient 
Centennial TA AwardTania Bakhos 
2009 AwardsRecipient 
Student Leadership AwardAndrew Paul Spann 
Teaching Assistant AwardSudarsan Navalpakkam Srinivasan Acharya 
University Award 
Centennial TA AwardSivaram Ambikasaran 
2008 AwardsRecipient 
Centennial TA AwardKathy Lora Jensen 
Teaching Assistant AwardNicholas Wayne Henderson 
University Award 
Centennial TA AwardKathy Lora Jensen 
2007 AwardsRecipient 
Student Leadership AwardSara Jane Macumber 
Teaching Assistant AwardWael Ibrahim Salloum 
2006 AwardsRecipient 
Student Leadership AwardJohn Martin Bodley 
Teaching Assistant AwardYifan Liu