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Save the Date: Women in Data Science Conference 2021

Stanford ICME started the Women in Data Science (WiDS) Worldwide initiative with a conference in November 2015. Our goals were the same then as they are now: to inspire women to join the field, educate participants regardless of gender, and support women in the field. In addition to the 400+ participants at Stanford for our inaugural conference, we discovered that 6,000+ people participated online. That made us realize that we had an opportunity for greater impact, worldwide. 

Fast forward to 2020, and the WiDS initiative now includes four worldwide initiatives including a conference with 150+ regional events in 50+ countries; a datathon, during which participants hone their skills using a social impact challenge; a podcast series, where Professor Margot Gerritsen interviews women from around the world about their work, their journeys, and lessons learned along the way; and an education outreach program to encourage secondary school girls to consider a career in data science and related fields.

There are many ways to participate in WiDS. You can:

Attend WiDS Worldwide, or a WiDS regional event
If you would like to attend the inaugural 24-hour virtual Women in Data Science Worldwide (WiDS) conference at Stanford University on March 8, 2021, save the date and subscribe to our mailing list so that you’ll receive notification when we open registration.


Become a WiDS Ambassador, and host a WiDS regional event
You can also organize a WiDS regional event to bring the conference to your cohort, colleagues, or community. Apply to become a WiDS ambassador, and you can plan an event that complements the WiDS Worldwide conference. Regional events include local speakers, talking about their applications and research in multiple data science domains.


Sponsor the WiDS Worldwide initiative

We are grateful to the WiDS sponsors that support us in our efforts to inspire and educate data scientists and prospective data scientists worldwide through the WiDS Conference, WiDS Datathon, WiDS Podcast, and WiDS Education Outreach. If you’re interested in sponsoring the WiDS Worldwide initiative, send an email to Karen Matthys, Co-Director of WiDS, and Executive Director for External Partners in Stanford ICME.


Participate in the next WiDS Datathon
Hone your data science skills with the WiDS Datathon, joining teams in a predictive analytics challenge focused on social impact. The WiDS Datathon will happen early in 2021, and winners will be announced at the March 8, 2021, during the WiDS Worldwide conference. If you’d like to participate in the WiDS Datathon, sign up for our email list for WiDS datathon news and notifications.


Listen and subscribe to the WiDS Podcast
Gain insight from high-profile women in the data science profession on the WiDS Podcast. Professor Margot Gerritsen interviews women from around the world as they talk about their work, their journeys, and lessons learned along the way. 


Share WiDS Education Outreach with Secondary School Educators
Encourage educators to introduce data science to secondary school students using the WiDS Education Outreach program materials, including videos and discussion guides that show what a data scientist does, and how they can have an impact in domains such as healthcare, wildlife conservation, human rights, and more.


Join us!
If you’re a current or aspiring data scientist, or just interested in learning about the latest applications and research in this growing field, we invite you to participate in WiDS Worldwide.


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