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Do Big Math, Solve Big Problems

Computational mathematics is at the heart of many engineering and science disciplines

Academics & Admission

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From fundamental to applied

Discover how computational mathematics, data science, scientific computing, and related fields are applied across a wide range of domains.

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ICME faculty and students conduct groundbreaking research, provide consulting, and teach courses in computational mathematics and scientific computing.

State-of-the-Art Resources

ICME offers onsite GPU Server Support for students and hosts a diverse high performance compute (HPC) infrastructure.

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ICME Events

Whether it’s winter, spring, summer, or autumn, there’s always something interesting happening.

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The HIVE: Stanford’s Immersive Visualization Environment

The HANA Immersive Visualization Environment (HIVE) features a 10-foot-tall by 24-feet-wide display with 13440x5400 resolution and 72 million total active pixels.  Researchers may use multiple displays simultaneously to investigate various aspects of data collection, simulation, and visualization and to zoom in to see detail at previously unheard-of-levels.

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Corporate Programs

ICME Education Affiliate Program

Supports collaboration between ICME and industry in areas of shared interest in computational and mathematical engineering.

ICME Stories

Danielle Maddix
Danielle Maddix
4th-year PhD candidate Institute for Computational & Mathematical Engineering

“ I want to share my love of mathematics with others. Math is at the core of engineering ... ”

AJ Friend
AJ Friend
7th year PhD candidate Institute for Computational & Mathematical Engineering

“ I am teaching the basics of mathematical optimization. ... ”

ICME faculty & students...

Design state-of-the-art mathematical and computational models and algorithms.  

Advance disciplinary fields by designing and improving computational approaches in collaboration with engineers and scientists.  


Build communities around fundamental and applied research in computational mathematics for education and training in all aspects of mathematical modeling, scientific computing, and advanced computational algorithms.