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Xtend 2020 for Partners

About Xtend
ICME Xtend is a Stanford recruiting event custom-tailored for ICME partner organizations and ICME students.  Like no other career event offered on campus, Xtend is designed to introduce you and your organization to qualified ICME PhD and MS candidates through networking events and a full day of interviews.  Xtend connects your organization with the diversity of talented students for which ICME is well-known in a relaxed and intimate setting that won't be found in large-scale career fairs. 

Full Schedule and Dates to Remember

September 18th Submit questionnaire
September 29th Receive resume book of ICME students
Week of October 5th Present company overview to students in your designated zoom session
October 9th Submit preferences for interviews
November 5th Scheduled interviews with students (if you haven't separately scheduled an interview on a different date)