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Xpo Research Symposium 2023 Poster Session

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  Poster # Student Authors (Presenter's name in bold) Poster Title Advisor
  1 Elliot Epstein, Daniel Fu, Eric Nguyen, Armin W. Thomas, Michael Zhang, Tri Dao Simple Hardware-Efficient Long Convolutions for Sequence Modeling Chris RĂ©
  2 Thanawat Sornwanee  ThanaViz: Non-Enclosing Enclosure Ashwin Rao
  3 Xingshuo Xiao, Alex Fan Fairness Quantification and Bias Mitigation in Emotion Recognition Peter Washington
  4 Rajat Vadiraj Dwaraknath, Tolga Ergen Re-weighted Convex Kernels and the Neural Tangent Kernel (NTK)  Lexing Ying and Mert Pilanci
5 Tetiana Parshakova Factor Fitting, Rank Allocation, and Partitioning in Multi-level Low Rank Matrices Stephen Boyd
  6 Chunlin Sun Maximum Optimality Margin: A Unified Approach for Contextual Linear Programming and Inverse Linear Programming Yinyu Ye
  7 Haoxuan ChenYiping Lu When can Regression-Adjusted Control Variate Help? Rare Events, Sobolev Embedding and Minimax Optimality Lexing Ying and Jose Blanchet
  8 Zachary Frangella SketchySGD: Reliable Stochastic Optimization via Preconditioned Curvature Estimates Madeleine Udell
9 Daniel Huang Real-Time Lens Distortion using Deep Learning Reza Fazel-Rezai (MathWorks) and Alan Gous
  10 Junyi Zou Hybrid Modeling of Physiological Systems Emily Fox and Ramesh Johari
11 Riley JuenemannGwanggyu Sun, Ioana Gherman Evaluating Genetic Engineering Trade-offs Through Whole-cell Modeling of Escherichia coli Markus Covert
  12 Adrien Lemercier, Sanjit NeelamAnne-Louise Kopff Is Athletes' DNA different? Alexander Ioannidis
  13 Mike Van Ness Interpretable Survival Analysis for Heart Failure Risk Prediction Madeleine Udell
  14 Anuj ShettyPhee Nimitsurachat Uncertainty Quantification in Global Climate Models Tommie Catanach
15 Stephen Peng, Mitty Yu, Joe Jamison Using Named Entity Recognition to Supplement The Ocean Cleanup's Global Beached Plastics Dataset Kari Hanson
  16 Mehmet Giray Ogut Times Series Modeling via Smooth Periodic Gaussian Copula Stephen Boyd
17 Axel Peytavin How Climate Activism Impacts Climate Change Sentiment Online Gianluca Iaccarino
  18 Tianyu DuYuze Sui Forging Professional Identities in External Labor Markets Dan McFarland
  19 Longling TianZhengdan Li, Guhui Zhang, Joyce Pan Inditex Sales Prediction Based on First Image Alan Gous
  20 Devansh Jalota Stochastic Online Fisher Markets: Static Pricing Limits and Adaptive Enhancements Marco Pavone and Yinyu Ye
  21 Samuel Chian Predicting Error Rates in Quantum Computing Alan Gous