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Xpo Research Symposium 2021 Poster Session

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Tuesday, May 25 from 11:40am to 12:50pm PDT on

Poster #

Student Name

Poster Title (with link to pdf)


1 Honglin Yuan Federated Accelerated Stochastic Gradient Descent Tengyu Ma  
2 Devansh Jalota Market Design for Energy Resource Allocation Marco Pavone
3 Devansh Jalota Balancing Fairness and Efficiency in Traffic Routing via Interpolated Traffic Assignment Marco Pavone
4 Ruohan Zhan
Off-Policy Evaluation and Learning with Data from Bandits Susan Athey
5 Ruohan Zhan Stable Fraud Detection via Batch Balancing Susan Athey  
6 Hao Sheng, Keniel Yao
Surveilling Surveillance: Estimating the Prevalence of Surveillance Cameras with Street View Data Sharad Goel
7 Ryan Humble
Klystron Fault Identification at LCLS Eric Darve
8 Katherine Mentzer
Designing School Choice for Diversity in the San Francisco Unified School District Irene Lo
9 Johann Gaebler
Propagating Derivatives through Implicit Functions in Reverse Mode Autodiff Sharad Goel
10 Casey Fleeter
Active subspaces for enhancing uncertainty quantification of cardiovascular hemodynamics Alison Marsden
11 Alexandra Stavrianidi
Building dashboards for a COVID-19 Data Ecosystem Lorene Nelson
12 Xinyu Hu, Jacob Edelson, Dominik Damjakob
Genetic Correlates and Causal Inference in Covid19 Severity of Response Manuel Rivas
13 Yizhou Qian
Probabilistic Load Forecasting using Ensemble Weather Forecast Eric Darve
14 Abeynaya Gnanasekaran
Sparsified QR (spaQR): A fast, sparse, approximate QR factorization Eric Darve
15 Ryan Aronson
Divergence-Conforming Collocation for the Incompressible Navier-Stokes Equations Gianluca Iaccarino
16 Christiane Adcock
Hybrid RANS-LES of the Atmospheric Boundary Layer for Wind Farm Simulations at Exascale Gianluca Iaccarino  
17 Chunlin Sun The Symmetry between Arms and Knapsacks: A Primal-Dual Approach for Bandits with Knapsacks Yinyu Ye  
18 Helgi Hilmarsson, Arvind Kumar High Resolution Ancestry Deconvolution for Next Generation Sequencing Alex Ioannidis Video
19 Pierre Chambon Improved Fine-tuning of In-domain Transformer Model for Inferring COVID-19 Presence in Multi-institutional Radiology Reports Alan Gous  
20 Varun Vasudevan and Abeynaya Gnanasekaran Disparity in the Quality of COVID-19 Data Reporting across India during 2020 James Zou  
21 James Burgess Interpretable representations of organelle morphology and dynamics Serena Yeung  
22 Kristen Kessel The Price of Simplicity in the Stationary Prophet Inequality Problem Amin Saberi