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Xpo Info for Poster Presenters

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Share your research and areas of interest with a wide audience during ICME's annual Research Symposium - Xpo! 

Summary of critical dates:

  • Right Now: RSVP to Xpo ASAP so that we know you are coming.
  • By no later than Friday, April 28: Submit your poster information, so we know that you plan to share your research. On our end, we will start preparing a poster site to be shared with all the attendees.
  • Print & Upload Poster no later than Wednesday, May 17: print your poster at Lathrop Tech Desk (details below) - they need 3 business days to print; you do the pickup!
  • Tuesday, May 23: The Main Event!

What are you working on now?  What would you like to share with the research community at Stanford and ICME partners?

All ICME students should consider presenting a poster. Our aim is to showcase the breadth and depth of interesting work underway across ICME.  This will make it easier for external partners such as corporations and national labs to connect with you based on mutual interests.

Submit your poster information by April 28 so we can start compiling the information into a poster guide to share with all the attendees!

Professional-looking posters answer questions and tell the story of your research.  They are well-structured, have a logical flow, and combine graphics and text to tell a focused story.  

Ideal poster dimensions are 40" wide by 30" long. Maximum dimensions: 40"x40". Please do not exceed the maximum.

If you need a little inspiration to get started, the following resources might help: 

Below are some resources to help you design your poster:

How to Design Excellent Engineering Posters

Poster Example 1

Poster Example 2

Sign up here for a 1 on 1 consultation with a public speaking coach from the Technical Communication Program at Stanford to discuss how to talk about a poster to viewers.

Here is a poster template for you to start with. Please remember to include any sponsor logos in the top right corner of the document.

Once your poster is ready to print, upload it to this Google folder by May 17. Then submit it to the Lathrop Tech Desk as directed below:

ICME will pay for your poster printing (IF you are an ICME student AND you print it on time) and you can either keep your poster for future conferences or post it in the ICME suite. 

Send your poster file to by no later than noon on Wednesday, May 17 (they need 3 business days to print and you do the pickup).

  • Dimensions on your PDF file should be set to the exact dimensions of your desired printing size
  • Verify your file has clear images for all graphs and logos
  • Subject line for your email: “ICME Xpo Poster”
  • Attach your poster as a PDF  
  • Title your PDF file with ICME and your first initial, last name. Example: “ICME_ALincoln"
  • Body of your email: Specify the exact dimensions of your poster (minimum and preferable 40" x 30", maximum 40" x 40")
  • Pick-up your poster at the tech desk after the printing turnaround time (usually 3 full business days)
  • Link to Lathrop tech desk

    ...Once you've completed the above steps, all that's left for you to do is attend Xpo on May 23!

    Xpo is your opportunity to:

    • Show 250+ attendees (including from 20+ partners companies) what you've been working on
    • Learn about research being done by other students and faculty
    • Network with ICME alumni and industry and national labs partners

    Poster presenters need to be on-site between 8:30-9:00am on May 23 for poster set-up.

    Please contact if any questions.