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ICME is proud to present the following JOLTS, short learning modules covering one concept or topic, presented by experts in the field.

CME292 (Advanced MATLAB for Scientific Computing) is an online class that is open for all. Access this online course by clicking on the following link.

Python Basics

By Austin Benson. Five parts.

Python Dictionaries

By Austin Benson. Five parts.

Python Lists

By Austin Benson. Ten parts.

Python Containers

By Patrick Legresley.

Python Tuples

By Austin Benson. Three parts.

What is Linux?

By Patrick Legresley

Intro to MPI

By Rob Scheriber and Jack Poulson. Twelve parts.

Intro to MATLAB

By Milinda Lakkam.

Vector Functions

By Josh Tennefoss. Five parts.

Stationary Methods for Solving Systems of Equations

By Margot Gerritsen

Sturm-Liouville Differential Equation

By Sanjiva Lele

First Order ODE's

Presented by Sanjiva Lele. Examples 1, 2, & 3

Introduction to Second Order ODEs

Presented by Sanjiva Lele

Second Order ODEs: Numerical Solution

By Sanjiva Lele

Second Order ODEs: Asymptotic Expansion

By Sanjiva Lele.  Parts 1 & 2

Control Flow for Loops

By Alex Papanicolaou. Intro, loops, conditional branchings

Drumming Up Bessel Functions

By Sanjiva Lele. Parts 1, 2, 3, and Animations