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C2 People

C2 Members have a variety of backgrounds and experiences.  

Rather than contacting individual members directly, please email the group in all correspondence:


Steven Brill

Interests: Computational fluid dynamics, higher order methods for numerical PDEs, and high performance computing.

Ryan Aronson

Interests: Numerical analysis, numerical PDEs, finite elements, computational mechanics

Ryan Humble

Interests: Numerical linear algebra, high performance computing, numerical analysis

Fred Lam

Interests: Optimization, computational physics, numerical methods

Adjunct: Professor Reza Zadeh

Reza Zadeh focuses on discrete applied mathematics, machine learning theory and applications, and large-scale distributed computing. He has built large-scale distributed algorithms for the singular value decomposition on Spark, built the machine learning behind Twitter's who-to-follow system, and created other large-scale distributed machine learning systems.

Faculty: Margot Gerritsen

Margot Gerritsen's main interest is the design and analysis of efficient numerical solution methods for partial differential equations that arise in fluid dynamics. Her PhD thesis work emphasized mathematical techniques. Since, her focus has shifted to using such techniques for actual engineering applications.

Faculty: Michael Saunders

Saunders develops mathematical methods for solving large-scale constrained optimization problems and large systems of equations. He also implements such methods as general-purpose software to allow their use in many areas of engineering, science, and business. He is co-developer of the large-scale optimizers MINOS, SNOPT, SQOPT, PDCO and the linear equation solvers SYMMLQ, MINRES, MINRES-QLP, LSQR, LSMR, LUSOL. Stanford Engineering profile