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Xplore Research Program

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ICME Master’s and PhD students work with Stanford and industry mentors to solve real-world problems.

Launched in 2018, the ICME Xplore program immerses ICME graduate students in a quarter long, real-world project-based data science learning experience while offering course credit through CME291.

Xplore Students

“The biggest takeaway for me in the project was the realization how messy real-world data can be.

Moreover, there were no fixed set of questions that we were looking answers for. The project provided me an opportunity to tackle open ended questions in a structured manner. This set of skills will be extremely useful as I take on challenges in my career and life after Stanford.” - Neel Rakholia (ICME Graduate)

students + mentors + faculty = impact

Students - ICME Graduate students gain valuable experience and mentorship they would not otherwise find in the classroom while working toward course credit.

Mentors - High quality, committed mentors are key to a project's success as they provide direction, quality data, expertise, and encouragement through weekly meetings.

Faculty - Each project is sponsored by an ICME Faculty to provide oversight and direction, which offers students and mentors a unique opportunity to work closely with ICME Faculty on valuable research.

Recent Projects

IDM Logo

Project Scope: Mapping vaccine coverage in Nigeria.

  • Ruohan Zhan & Yuan Gao, ICME Students
  • Guillaume Chabot-Couture, Institute for Disease Modeling
  • Gianluca Iaccarino, Professor, Mechanical Engineering
Stanford School of Medicine

Project Scope: Develop virtual reality visualization and simulation methods for cardiovascular surgery applications.

  • Jun Li, ICME Student
  • Dr. David Axelrod, Stanford Medicine
  • David Sarno, Lighthaus
  • Alison Marsden, Associate Professor, Pediatrics - Cardiology
Walmart Labs

Project Scope: Improve furniture style understanding for product images by using deep neural network.

  • Jen Weng, Yiwen Guo, ICME Students
  • Alessandro Magnani, Walmart Labs
  • Gianluca Iaccarino, Professor, Mechanical Engineering
twillio Logo

Project Scope: Mining quality phrases for topic modeling.

  • Alexandre Matton & Yuan Chen, ICME Students
  • Dr. David Axelrod, Stanford Medicine
  • Pavel Mizenin, Borjana Dodova, Twilio
  • Ashish Goel, Professor, Management Science and Engineering
Berkeley Lab

Project Scope: Understanding, optimizing, and predicting the behavior and performance workflows of super facilities.

  • Mengtian Jin, Youkow Homma, ICME Students
  • Alex Sim, John Wu, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab
  • Mary Wootters, Assistant Professor, Computer Science
Stanford School of Medicine

Project Scope: Interrogate publicly available human genome data using lab generated datasets

  • Pranav Bhardwaj, Data Science, Austin Wang, ICME Student
  • Dr. Tony Oro, Sam Piekos, Stanford Medicine
  • Wing Wong, Professor, Statistics
  • Andreas Santucci, Lecturer
Sandia National Laboratories

Project Scope: Build a Python suite for reduced-order modeling applied to systems of partial differential equations.

  • Kexin Yu, Remmelt Ammerlaan, Anran Lu, Yiwen Guo, ICME Students
  • Kevin Carlberg, Sandia National Laboratories
  • Matthew Zahr, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
  • Lexing Ying, Professor of Mathematics
Stanford RDE Logo

Project Scope: Analysis of campus-wide utility consumption volatility.

  • Neel Rakholia, Sean Clement, ICME Students
  • Kristin Parineh, Stanford Sustainability Operations
  • Ram Rajagopal, Associate Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering