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PhD Students Research Spotlights

Mathematical and Engineering Minds Driving Cutting-Edge Breakthroughs

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Optimality of First-Order Debiasing in Functional Estimation

PhD Student: Jikai Jin
Advisor: Prof. Vasilis Syrgkanis
Focus Area: Causal Inference, Causal Machine Learning

Machine Learning Methods for Studying the Nonregulatory Genomics of the Human Heart

PhD Student: Salil Deshpande
Advisor: Prof. Anshul Kundaje
Focus Area: Computational Biology

Evaluating Genetic Engineering Trade-offs Through Whole-cell Modeling of Escherichia coli

PhD Student: Riley Juenemann
Advisor: Prof. Markus Covert
Focus Area: Computational Biology

Improving Generalizability for In-the-Wild 3D Human-Cetric Perception with Limited Supervision

PhD Student: Zhenzhen Weng
Advisor: Prof. Serena Yeung-Levy
Focus Area: Computer Vision

Analyzing Labor Market Dynamics, Individual Careers, & Gender Disparities Using Big Data & Computational Methods

PhD Student: Tianyu Du
Advisor: Prof. Susan Athey
Focus Area: Computational Social Sciences

Application of Numerical Linear Algebra to Scientific Computing and Operational Research

PhD Student: Xun Tang
Advisor: Prof. Lexing Ying
Focus Area: Computational Math