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Aug 27 2018 | Posted In: In the News
Total Innovation Fellows 2018-19
Aug 23 2018 | Posted In: Faculty, In the News
ORIGINAL ARTICLE BY Andrew Myers Of all of Earth’s ecosystems, perhaps none are more studied or fretted about than coral reefs. Scientists have sought to map and photograph their every nook and complex cranny by sending down divers, armed with little more than tape measures and cameras, to scour...
Aug 22 2018 | Posted In: In the News
What's happening at ICME this quarter? Click here to read our Summer newsletter.  Features: New ICME Director Summer Workshops New AI- Focused Seminar Series Xpo Faculty Talks Commencement Photo Gallery Upcoming Events ICME in the News
Jul 30 2018 | Random seeding may influence how information spreads | Posted In: Faculty, In the News
oRIGINAL ARTICLE BY Dylan Walsh How does information spread? How do you encourage its spread? These are fundamental business questions. If you introduce a new product or service, how will customer word-of-mouth travel? And they are questions of equal importance for policymakers and nongovernmental...
Jul 13 2018 | Posted In: Announcements, Faculty, Students
As spring finals week approached, ICME Capstone students put final touches on their research and prepared their final papers and presentations.  Final presentations went well and students, mentors and faculty agreed the projects were extremely rewarding.  All of the projects yielded results that...