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ICME PhD Candidate Rahul Sarkar published in Springer Nature

"On sets of maximally commuting and anticommuting Pauli operators"

ICME PhD Candidate Rahul Sarkar's paper, "On sets of maximally commuting and anticommuting Pauli operators," has been published in the Springer Nature "Research in the Mathematical Sciences" journal. This is his first publication in pure math.

Read his description on his research and findings below:

"The Pauli group forms the basis of the theory of quantum computation and quantum error correction. The highlight of the paper are two new results about the Pauli group. The first one is a necessary and sufficient condition for a subset of the elements of the group to be 'maximally' anticommuting (here a set being maximal means that no other element of the group can be added to the set so that the resulting set is still anticommuting). The second result is the discovery of an efficient randomized algorithm that takes an anticommuting set of elements and extends it to its maximum size, namely on n-qubits the maximum size of an anticommuting set is 2n+1."

Please join us in congratulating Rahul for his hard work! Click here to read his paper.

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