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ICME New Analytics Accelerator to Focus on Multidisciplinary Project-based Learning

Jun 30 2020

This fall ICME will introduce the Analytics Accelerator – a multidisciplinary graduate level course designed to give students hands-on experience working in teams through real-world project-based research and experiential classroom activities.  This course is geared toward ICME MS and PhD students, as well as graduate students in the Stanford School of Medicine, School of Arts and Sciences, and Graduate School of Business.

Students will work in dynamic teams with the support of course faculty and mentors.  They will work on pre-selected research projects focused on COVID-19 during fall 2020 and winter 2021.  They will apply a computational and data analytics lens and will use design thinking methodology.  The course will expose students to questions of ethics and emotional intelligence as well as unintended consequences of their work and team building and communication exercises.


To sign up for an info session on the course, click here.

Applications are due by July 31, 2020. To apply, click here.

ICME is grateful for the support from Accenture for the Analytics Accelerator.