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ICME Capstone Program Students make big impact with Spring projects

Jul 13 2018

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As spring finals week approached, ICME Capstone students put final touches on their research and prepared their final papers and presentations.  Final presentations went well and students, mentors and faculty agreed the projects were extremely rewarding.  All of the projects yielded results that will continue to be used to save lives, reduce costs, and contribute to further research.  Students appreciated of the quality mentorship and opportunity to work with real and sometimes very raw data. 
Thanks to all the ICME students, faculty and mentors who participated in the ICME Capstone Spring Quarter Program.
Notable projects included:
Opioid Prediction Project
Project Scope:  Preventing opioid abuse by applying predictive analytics on healthcare data.
Andrew Deveau, ICME Student
Jonathan Mugan, Pulselight
Margot Gerritsen, Prof. Energy Resources Engineering
Stanford Sustainability Project
Project Scope:  Analysis of campus-wide utility consumption volatility.
Neel Rakholia, Sean Clement, ICME Students
Kristin Parineh, Stanford Sustainability Operations
Ram Rajagopal, Assoc. Prof. Civil and Environmental Engineering
Smule Project
Project Scope:  Analysis of user engagement through musical performance data.
Youkow Homma, ICME Student
Perry Cook, Smule
Alan Gous, Adjunct Professor ICME
Sandia Lawrence Python Project
Project Scope:  Building a Python suite for reduced-order modeling applied to systems of partial differential equations.
Kexin Yu, Remmelt Ammerlaan, ICME Students
Kevin Carlberg, Sandia National Laboratories
Matthew Zahr, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Lexing Ying, Professor of Mathematics
Roar Data Project
Project Scope: Time series analysis of real-time crowd sourced data.
Songze Li, ICME Student
Peter Cotton, JP Morgan Roar
Markus Pelger, Asst. Prof. Management Science and Engineering