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ICME Awards Three GPU Computing Seed Grants

 ICME has awarded seed grants to three Stanford faculty and researchers developing novel applications leveraging high performance GPU computing.  The seed grants are part of ICME’s initiatives as an NVIDIA GPU Center of Excellence.  

The three grant recipients are:

  • Professor Kay Geisecke, an ICME-affiliated Professor of Management Science and Engineering (MS&E)was awarded a grant to ​apply deep learning to better estimate financial risk of mortgages.

  • Ken Jung, an ​Engineering Research Associate in the Biomedical Informatics Research group in the Stanford School of Medicine is developing a method for identifying useful representations of clinical data​.

  • Amir Zamir, a Post-Doc Researcher in Computer Science, in the Computational Vision and Geometry Lab is using Large-Scale Representation Learning to train a model to learn fundamental vision tasks that serve as a foundation for solving other vision problems​.

Congratulations to all of the grant recipients from all of us in ICME.