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BCG Gamma joins ICME's Affiliate Program

We are proud to announce BCG GAMMA has joined Stanford’s Institute for Computational and Mathematical Engineering (ICME) affiliate program.  This new affiliation will enable Stanford’s leading researchers to collaborate with BCG GAMMA data science teams on a range of topics from explainable AI to climate analytics with a common purpose to drive big societal and technological impact.

“Stanford ICME is a degree-granting graduate program focused on computational math, data science, AI and high performance computing.  Our 60+ affiliated faculty and diverse student body are grateful for the support from BCG Gamma, and we look forward to collaboration in 2022."  Gianluca Iaccarino, ICME Faculty Director.

“We are very excited and deeply committed to entering into this relationship with Stanford ICME.  Joining forces, we can together bring a unique and impactful perspective to complex societal and technological challenges which cannot be solved by individual organizations alone, but by collaborating together.” Arun Ravindran, Chief Data Scientist, BCG Gamma

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