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ICME Awards

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The Ben Rolfs Award

In memory of Ben Rolfs, the annual award is provided each year to a graduating MS or PhD student who embodies the qualities exhibited by Ben Rolfs: an adventurous spirit, a promising researcher, a devoted friend to fellow students, and an individual who excels despite adversity.

2021 Awards  
Gene Golub Doctoral Dissertation Award Ines Chami - Thesis: Representation learning and algorithms in hyperbolic spaces
  Andrea Zanette - Thesis: Reinforcement learning : when can we do sample efficient exploration?
Ben Rolfs Memorial Award Jani Adcock
  Kailai Xu
Student Leadership Award Cindy Orozco Bohorquez
Teaching Assistant Award Alexander Infanger
Instructor Teaching Award Andreas Santucci
Faculty Teaching Award Margot Gerritsen

2020 Awards  
Gene Golub Doctoral Dissertation Award Zhengyu Huang - Thesis: Modeling and simulation of the inflation of supersonic parachute for Mars landing
Ben Rolfs Memorial Award Allison Koenecke
Ben Rolfs Memorial Award Julia Oliveri
Student Leadership Award Bradley Nelson
Teaching Assistant Award Philip Etter
Instructor Teaching Award Ashwin Rao
Faculty Teaching Award Johan Ugander

2019 Awards  
Gene Golub Doctoral Dissertation Award Ron Estrin - Thesis: The merits of keeping it smooth : iterative linear solvers and a smooth exact penalty function for constrained nonlinear optimization
  Lan Huong Nguyen - Thesis: Robust dimensionality reduction for data visualization and latent structure recovery
Ben Rolfs Memorial Award Nolan Andrew Skochdopole
Student Leadership Award Remmelt Ammerlaan
Centennial TA Award Léopold Cambier
Short Course Instructor Award Sherrie Wang
Faculty Teaching Award Aaron Sidford
  Andras Vasy
Instructor Teaching Award Andreas Santucci

2018 Awards  
Gene Golub Doctoral Dissertation Award Eileen Martin - Thesis: Passive imaging and characterization of the subsurface with distributed acoustic sensing
  Ed Schmerling - Thesis: Multimodal modeling and uncertainty quantification for robot planning and decision making
Ben Rolfs Memorial Award Sven Schmit
Student Leadership Award Karianne Bergen
  Danielle Maddix
Short Course Instructor Award Brad Nelson
Teaching Assistant Award Matan Leibovich
  Reza Zadeh
Faculty Teaching Award Eric Darve

2017 Awards  
Gene Golub Doctoral Dissertation Award Austin Benson - Thesis: Tools for higher-order network analysis
  Matthew Zahr - Thesis: Adaptive model reduction to accelerate optimization problems governed by partial differential equations
Ben Rolfs Memorial Award Victor Minden
Student Leadership Award Carson Kent
  Victor Minden
Teaching Assistant Award Ron Estrin
  Andreas Santucci
Instructor Teaching Award Hung Le
Faculty Teaching Award Peter Glynn