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C2 Members have a variety of backgrounds and experiences.

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If you have a problem that you think we might be able to help with, just send us an email at

As a good jumping-off point, we ask that your message include the following information:

  • What is the question you're trying to address?

  • What computational problem are you facing with which you'd like assistance?

  • What have you already tried to use to solve your problem, and why didn't it work?

  • Do you have relevant references/examples that our consultants can use to get better acquainted with the problem?

  • Do we have your permission to post your question as an example project on this site?

  • Are you a Stanford affiliate?

Ryan Aronson

Ryan Aronson

Interests: Numerical analysis, numerical PDEs, finite elements, computational mechanics

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Fred Lam

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Interests: Optimization, computational physics, numerical methods

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Adjunct Professor Reza Zadeh

Reza Zadeh

Reza Zadeh focuses on discrete applied mathematics, machine learning theory and applications, and large-scale distributed computing. He has built large-scale distributed algorithms for the singular value decomposition on Spark, built the machine learning behind Twitter's who-to-follow system, and created other large-scale distributed machine learning systems.

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Faculty Michael Saunders

Michael Saunders

Saunders develops mathematical methods for solving large-scale constrained optimization problems and large systems of equations. He also implements such methods as general-purpose software to allow their use in many areas of engineering, science, and business. He is co-developer of the large-scale optimizers MINOS, SNOPT, SQOPT, PDCO and the linear equation solvers SYMMLQ, MINRES, MINRES-QLP, LSQR, LSMR, LUSOL. 

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