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Xtend Career Forum

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Xtend introduces PhD and MS students to ICME Education Affiliate Program Members from industry and national labs

Fostering Internships & Careers

Xtend 2019

ICME's annual recruitment event takes place each November on the Stanford campus, bringing students and faculty together with members of ICME's Education Affiliate Program from industry and national labs for a full day of networking, recruiting, and inspiration.

Like no other career-themed event offered on campus, Xtend is designed to introduce affiliates to qualified PhD and MS candidates through a networking breakfast and reception, and full day of interviews.  Xtend connects affiliates with the diversity of talented students for which ICME is well-known in a relaxed and intimate setting that won't be found in large-scale career fairs.

Methodically Matched Candidates and Partners

Affiliate Members are given a Resume Book of all of the participating students from ICME and related departments. Members and students provide their preferences for interviewing. Via a matching algorithm from our ICME C2 Consulting team, each participating affiliate member and student receives a personalized schedule of appointments.

Xtend Networking Breakfast

Join ICME Education Affiliate Program

If you would like to participate in Xtend but are not yet a member, consider joining ICME's Educational Affiliate Program.


Xtend Networking Breakfast
Upcoming Xtend Event

Xtend 2023

Thursday, November 2, 2023

This unique event brings together MS and PhD students and faculty from ICME and other related programs with our ICME’s Educational Affiliates for a day of networking, recruiting and inspiration.

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