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Xpo Research Symposium 2022

Every May ICME holds its Xpo Research Symposium providing an up-close and inside look at current research and future plans for ICME faculty and students.

Event Details:

Tuesday, May 24, 2022
9:00am - 5:00pm PDT


ICME's annual research symposium, Xpo, will be held in-person on Tuesday, May 24, 2022. This event is for Stanford faculty, staff, students, and external partners of ICME.

Every May ICME holds a Research Symposium providing an up-close and inside look at current research and future plans for ICME faculty and students. ICME is engaged with over 60 faculty from 20-plus departments throughout Stanford. This is a unique opportunity to see how computational mathematics, data science, machine learning, scientific computing, and related fields are applied across a wide range of domain areas.


Xpo 2022 Student Posters

Meet the Xpo 2022 Speakers

Xpo 2022 Agenda

Tuesday, May 24


Registration & Continental Breakfast


Welcome & Overview -  Gianluca Iaccarino, ICME Director and Prof. of Mechanical Engineering

10:00 - 10:45 

Faculty Vision Talks 

  • "Improving Match Rates in Dating Markets through Assortment Optimization" - Daniela Saban, Prof. of Operations, Information, & Technology in the Graduate School of Business
  • "Automating Machine Learning" - Madeleine Udell, Incoming Prof. of Management Science & Engineering and ICME
  • "A Control Theoretic Approach for the Design of Biomedical Therapeutic Systems" - Michaëlle Mayalu, Prof. of Mechanical Engineering


Technical Talks:  Computational Health - Moderated by Alison Marsden, Prof. of Pediatrics and Bioengineering

  • "Operationalizing Machine Learning and AI for Suicide and Overdose Prevention" - Suzanne Tamang, Incoming Assistant Prof., Dept. of Medicine, Division of Immunology & Rheumatology
  • "Machine Learning and Genomics for Precision Cancer Medicine" - Aaron Newman, Prof. of Biomedical Data Science
  • "Multi-modal and Multi-scale Data Fusion to Study Complex Diseases" - Olivier Gevaert, Prof. of Medicine and of Biomedical Data Science
  • Q&A/Panel Discussion




Technical Talks:  Retail AI - Moderated by Ashwin Rao, ICME Adjunct Professor

  • "Asking the Right Questions and Using the Data you Have" - Colin Kessinger, Lecturer in the Graduate School of Business (Cancelled)
  • "Managing Retail Uncertainty with Probabilistic Forecasting, Planning, and Performance Management" - Blake Johnson, Adjunct Prof. of Management Science and Engineering
  • "Advertising in the Privacy Preserving Future" - Harikesh Nair, Prof. of Marketing in the Graduate School of Business
  • Q&A/Panel Discussion

Technical Talks:  Physics AI - Moderated by Eric Darve, Prof. of Mechanical Engineering

  • "Machine Learning and AI at the Frontiers of High Energy Physics at SLAC" - Kazuhiro Terao, Staff Scientist at SLAC
  • "Machine Learning for Control" - Christiane Adcock, Ph.D. Student in ICME
  • "Multi-fidelity Modeling Using Machine Learning" - Dhruv Patel, Postdoctoral Scholar in Mechanical Engineering
  • Q&A/Panel Discussion


Poster Session & Reception


End of Xpo 2022!

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