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James Parr - Director, Frontier Development Lab (NASA), FDL Europe (ESA) and CEO, Trillium Technologies 

James Parr
October 22, 2018 - 4:30pm to 5:30pm
Hewlett Teaching Center, Room 200

This event has already happened. Visit the ICME Youtube Channel to view the video.

James Parr

James is the founder and CEO of Trillium Technologies - a technology contractor that specializes in the application of emerging technologies to grand challenges, such as climate change, violent extremism, prevention strategies for cancer and obesity, deforestation mitigation, climate resilience and planetary defense from asteroids. 
He is Director of NASA’s Frontier Development Lab (FDL) an AI research accelerator based in Silicon Valley and FDL Europe, in partnership with European Space Agency (ESA). He is also a founder of the Open Space Agency (OSA) - which is dedicated to the democratization of space exploration through citizen science and open hardware. 
James lives in London with his wife and twin daughters. 


This event belongs to the seminar series CME 500: Artificial Intelligence in Real Life

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