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Director's Corner

ICME Director, Gianluca Iaccarino, and former Director Margot Gerritsen at the Women in Data Science Conference.


Welcome to ICME, the Stanford Institute for Computational Mathematical Engineering.

September 2018 marks the start of a new Academic Year - the 15th for ICME - and the arrival of a new cohort of outstanding students in our graduate programs.

On September 1st, after 8 years of inspiring and successful leadership, Margot Gerritsen has stepped down as the ICME Director. She has transformed ICME from an educational experiment to a world-class, renowned and imitated institution. Margot's impact on curriculum development, on-campus and off-campus partnerships and community initiatives has been outstanding and deeply appreciated by students and Faculty.
Stepping in Margot’s footsteps is daunting, but I am equally excited about preserving ICME’s legacy and pursuing new opportunities. ICME was formed as Stanford’s hub for computational mathematics on campus. The goal was to train students for the growing opportunities of using computers to solve engineering problems.

Today, data, algorithms and computer models are  pervasive and have changed our lives. Health, finance, transportation, social interactions (and the list goes on) are all deeply affected by the possibilities of blending knowledge, preferences and observations while informing real-time decisions. ICME’s curriculum is designed to engage students in learning at the intersection of data and computing. Our goal is to prepare the next generation of computational scientists and engineers to tackle big societal and technological challenges. ICME is also uniquely positioned to foster interdisciplinary research alliances across campus to pursue innovative solutions.

I invite you to take a few moments to visit the ICME website and to attend one of our events to learn more about the Institute and the people that make it such an exciting place to be.

Gianluca Iaccarino

Director, ICME
Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering and, by courtesy, of Aeronautics and Astronautics

Gianluca Iaccarino's research focuses on computer simulations of fluid dynamic problems with applications to energy generation, propulsion, and aerodynamics. Gianluca is interested in uncertainty analysis and computational mathematics. He teaches classes in fluid dynamics, numerical methods, linear algebra and uncertainty analysis. 

In addition to ICME, Gianluca is the director of the Exascale Computing Engineering Center, the Thermal Fluid Science Affiliates Program, and the Uncertainty Quantification Laboratory. Gianluca is also an associate editor of the Jorunal of Computational Physics, the Applied Mechanics Review, and Flow, Turbulence and Combustion.

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