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Education Affiliate Program  

The ICME Education Affiliate Program supports collaboration between ICME and industry in areas of shared interest in computational and mathematical engineering. The program engages members in ongoing discussion around building a world-class learning environment to develop the next generation of talent.  In addition, members are involved in recruiting events, workshops, seminars and other ICME events along with Stanford faculty, ICME alumni and students. 

The ICME Education Affiliate Program is designed to create long-term relationships with members to engage in dialogue and thought leadership about techniques such as optimization and simulation, machine learning and data science, and scientific computation and their use in application domains including biomedicine and healthcare, business and finance, engineering and the sciences, and related policy-making.  


Members engage regularly with ICME faculty, students, and their industry peers on: 

  • Research -- Faculty-led seminars are open to affiliate members, and the annual research symposium XPO provides an up-close and inside look at current research

  • Recruiting -- ICME's unique career fair Xtend provides affiliates with individualized matching on available internship and employment opportunities and the choice of on-campus or online interviewing

  • Presentations -- Affiliates present career opportunities to ICME students through informational events held throughout the year, and updates on their ongoing research activities as guest lecturers and panelists at seminars

  • Curriculum -- In addition to directly sharing research activities in seminars and symposiums, Member staff from Affiliates participate in roundtables on developing innovating computational and mathematical engineering talent

  • Mentoring -- Technical staff from Affiliates work directly with students on Xplore projects, an experiential learning program that matches ICME students over one quarter or more with industry mentors to solve real-world problems 


Support diversity, innovation, energy management and much more by sponsoring ICME students in their academic journey and research in fields of mutual interest.  


The program attracts a wide variety of organizations with interest in computational and mathematical engineering, in both commercial and non-commercial applications.  All ICME Education Affiliate Program Members are subject to Stanford University Policies for Industrial Affiliates Programs.

Contact us at to resolve questions and discuss next steps.


The ICME Education Affiliate Program is supported by a corporate membership fee of $25,000/year that supports educational activities such as professional development, design and operation of short courses and workshops, and student travel to conferences.  

Education Affiliate Members

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