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PhD Alumni

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Namesort descending Adviser Thesis Title PhD Graduation Year
Witting, Patrick Joseph Oliger Numerical investigation of stratus cloud layer breakup by cloud top instabilities 1995
Woo, Jung Eric Shaqfeh DNA chain dynamics and its applications to micro devices and scission 2003
Xia, Tong Tze Leung Lai Gradient Boosting Machine for High-Dimensional Additive Models 2014
Yang, Kun Wing Wong Topics in Multivariate Density Estimation and its Applications 2015
Yang, Yan Lawrence M Wein Three essays on the data-driven analysis and modeling of public policy 2013
Yang, Tzu-wei George Papanicolaou Theories and applications of the large deviation for the mean-field model and the conservation laws 2012
Yang, Dan Robert W Dutton Mesh generation and information model for device simulation 1994
Yang, Jiyan Michael Saunders Randomized Linear Algebra for Large-scale Data Applications 2016
Yeo, Joongyeub George Papanicolaou Factor models, mean-reversion time, and statistical arbitrage 2016
Yu, Xiaolong Robert Tibshirani Regression methods for microarray data 2005
Yu, Pok-Yin David Donoho New developments in interpolating wavelet transforms 1997
Yu, Jun Gunnar Carlsson Algebraic Theory of Probabilistic Machines 2016
Zahr, Matthew Charbel Farhat Adaptive model reduction to accelerate optimization problems governed by partial differential equations 2016
Zeng, Xianyi Charbel Farhat High-order embedded boundary methods for fluid-structure interaction 2012
Zha, Hongyuan Gene Golub The singular value decompositions: Theory, algorithms and applications 1993
Zhan, Xiaowei Gene Golub Parallel electromagnetic field solvers using finite element methods with adaptive refinement and their application to wakefield computation of axisymmetric accelerator structure 1998
Zhang, John Carlo Tomasi Computing camera heading: A study 2000
Zhang, Tony Gene Golub Methods for computational and statistical estimation with applications 2000
Zhu, Zhisu Yinyu Ye A semidefinite programming method for graph realization and low rank matrix completion problem 2011
Zhu, Xiaolei Joseph Oliger Composite adaptive grid methods for partial differential equations 1996