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PhD Alumni

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Namesort descending Adviser Thesis Title PhD Graduation Year
Nguyen, Nhat Peyman Milanfar, Gene Golub Numerical algorithms for image superresolution 2000
Nguyen, An Leonidas Guibas Implicit bounding volumes and bounding volume hierarchies 2006
Oh, Sang-Yun Pseudolikelihood methods for robust graphical model selection 2013
Ovsjanikovs, Maksims Leonidas Guibas Spectral methods for isometric shape matching and symmetry detection 2011
Papanicolaou, Alex Kay Giesecke Goodness-of-Tit Tests for Parametric Specification of Diffusion Coefficients 2013
Pettersson, Mass Per Gianluca Iaccarino Uncertainty quantification and numerical methods for conservation laws 2013
Rahman, Inam David Donoho Multi-Scale Decomposition of Manifold-Valued Data 2006
Rajiv, Joy Sunil Kumar Computing Bounds via Duality for Singular Stochastic Control Problems. 2008
Rhee, Chang-Han Peter Glynn Unbiased estimation with biased samplers 2013
Ryu, Ernest Stephen Boyd Convex Optimization for Monte Carlo: Stochastic Optimization for Importance Sampling 2016
Saibaba, Arvind Krishna Peter Kitanidis Fast algorithms for geostatistical inverse problems and uncertainity quantification 2013
Samandari, Hamid Andrew M Stuart On a class of pattern formation equations 1997
Shardlow, Tony Andrew M Stuart Topics in dissipative evolution equations 1997
Sharma, Aneesh Tim Roughgarden Algorithmic problems in social and geometric influence 2011
Shek, Howard Howan Stephen Walter Murray, Tze Leung Lai Statistical and algorithm aspects of optimal portfolios 2011
Shinar, Tamar Ron Fedkiw Simulation of coupled rigid and deformable solids and multiphase fluids. 2008
Shinde, Rajendra Ashish Goel Locality sensitive hashing for real time and distributer computation 2012
Shkolnik, Alexander Kay Giesecke Computational Methods for Default Timing 2015
Sigurgeirsson, Hersir Joseph Oliger Particle-field models: Algorithms and applications 2002
Sing Long, Carlos Emmanuel Candes Computational Methods for Unbiased Risk Estimation 2016
Singh, Gurjeet Gunnar Carlsson Algorithms for Computational Topology and Their Applications 2008
Sircar, Ronnie George Papanicolaou Feedback effects and stochastic volatility in derivative pricing 1997
Smith, Jeremy Andrew M Stuart Analysis of moving mesh methods for dissipative partial differential equations 1996
Solna, Knut George Papanicolaou Stable spreading of acoustic pulses due to laminated microstructure 1997
Spann, Andrew Paul Eric Shaqfeh Loop Subdivision Surface Boundary Integral Simulations for Vesicles in Shear and Extensional Flows 2013
Su, Zheng Tze Leung Lai Computational methods for least squares problems and clinical trials 2005
Sun, Ray-Hon George Papanicolaou Imaging Methods of Multiple Scattering in Isotropic Point-Like Discrete Random Media 2013
Sun, Yuekai Michael Saunders, Jonathan Taylor Regularization in High-dimensional Statistics 2015
Sun, Yong Gene Golub The filter algorithm for solving large-scale eigenproblems from accelerator simulations 2003
Taheri, Nicole Yinyu Ye Linear optimization methods for vehicle energy and communication networks 2012
Talwar, Shilpa Arogyaswami Paulraj Blind space-time algorithms for wireless communication systems 1996
Taswell, Carl Algorithms for wavelet transforms and adaptive wavelet packet decompositions 1995
Tausz, Andrew Paul Gunnar Carlsson Extensions and applications of persistence based algorithms in computational topology 2013
Teran, Joseph Ron Fedkiw Novel finite element algorithms with applications to skeletal muscle simulation 2005
Troianowski, Guillaume Gunnar Carlsson Stability Properties of Zigzag and Image-Zigzag Persistent Homology 2013
Tsaig, Yaakov David Donoho Fast Solution of L1 Minimization Problems 2007
Tsang, Ka Wai Tze Leung Lai High-Dimensional Multivariate Regression and Reduced Rank Estimators 2015
Tupper, Paul Gene Golub Topics in the numerical analysis of ordinary differential equations: Molecular dynamics and chemical kinetics 2002
Udell, Madeleine Stephen Boyd Generalized Low Rank Models 2015
Vanderveen, Michaela Arogyaswami Paulraj Estimation of parametric channel models in wireless communication networks 1998
Vongmasa, Pawin Gunnar Carlsson Generalized Persistence Modules and Some of Their Invariants 2015
Wang, Guanyuan Charbel Farhat A computational framework based on an embedded boundary method for nonlinear multi-phase fluid-structure interactions 2012
Wang, Qiqi Parviz Moin, Gianluca Iaccarino Uncertainty quantification for unsteady fluid flow using adjoint-based approaches. 2009
Wang, Boyu Han Hong TypeVote algorithm: theory, computation, extensions and applications 2012
Wang, Lijia George Papanicolaou Dynamics of Top Eigenvalues of Empirical Covariance Matrices of Financial Data 2013
Wang, Gaofeng Robert W Dutton Coupled electromagnetic and device level investigations of metal-insulator-semiconductor interconnects 2001
Wang, Dalei Charbel Farhat Fully Implicit and Semi-Implicit Hybrid Discontinuous Space-Time Galerkin Methods for Acoustic Wave Propagation 2014
Wen, Tailai Yinyu Ye Waterflood Optimization Using Streamlines and Reservoir Management Risk Analysis with Market Uncertainty 2014
West, Nicholas Peter Glynn, George Papanicolaou Filtering and control of flow in a model scramjet engine 2013