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PhD Alumni

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Namesort descending Adviser Thesis Title PhD Graduation Year
Gretarsson, Jon Ron Fedkiw Fully conservative leak-proof treatment of thin solid structures immersed in compressible fluids 2012
Grote, Marcus Nonreflecting boundary conditions 1995
Gu, Chen Leonidas Guibas Geometric Algorithms in Modeling Biological Evolution 2013
Guetz, Adam Susan P Holmes Monte Carlo methods for structured data 2012
Gupta, Aparna Walter Murray Optimum asset allocation with behavioral utilities: A plan for acquiring and consuming retirement funds 2000
Hargrove, Paul Hamilton Jim Plummer Efficient kinetic Monte Carlo simulation of annealing in semiconductor materials. 2003
Henderson, Nicholas Walter Murray Arc search methods for linearly constrained optimization 2012
Hsiau, Ze-Kai Robert W Dutton Boundary movement in semiconductor etching and deposition simulation 1997
Huynh, Hanh My Michael Saunders A large scale quadratic programming solver based on block_lu updates of the kkt system. 2008
Ibrahima, Fayadhoi Hamdi Tchelepi Probability Distribution Methods for Nonlinear Transport in Heterogeneous Porous Media 2016
Jasin, Stefanus Benjamin Van Roy Asymptotically optimal heuristics for network revenue management 2011
Jiang, Hui Wing Wong Computational and statistical approaches in rna sequencing analysis. 2009
Jiang, Xiaoye Leonidas Guibas Reasoning over combinatorial spaces for multi-object inference 2012
Kalashnikova, Irina Charbel Farhat The discontinuous enrichment method (DEM) for multi-scale transport problems 2011
Kamvar, Sepandar Christopher D Manning Personalized search in self-organizing data networks 2004
Kapralov, Mikhail Ashish Goel Algorithms for bipartite matching problems with connections to sparsification and streaming 2012
Karavelas, Menelaos Leonidas Guibas Proximity structures for moving objects in constrained and unconstrained environments 2001
Kaustuv, Kaustuv Walter Murray Ipsol: an interior point solver for nonconvex optimization problems. 2009
Koltakov , Sergey Oliver Fringer Bathymetry Inference from Free-surface Flow Features using Large-Eddy Simulation 2013
Kozdon, Jeremy Margot Gerritsen Numerical methods with reduced grid dependency for enhanced oil recovery. 2009
Krishnamurthy, Shalini Margot Gerritsen Relaxation schemes for multiphase, multicomponent flow in gas injection processes. 2008
Kwok, Felix Hamdi Tchelepi Scalable Linear and Nonlinear Algorithms for Multiphase Flow in Porous Media. 2008
Lakkam, Milinda Lawrence M Wein Mathematical Modeling for Public Health Policy in Resource Limited Settings 2016
Lambers, James Gene Golub Krylov subspace methods for variable-coefficient initial-boundary value problems 2003
Lee, Roger George Papanicolaou Implied and local volatilities under stochastic volatility 2000
Lee, Pan-Chi Stefanos Zenios Essays on Computational Models for Managing the Delivery of Dialysis Therapy 2006
Lee, Jason Trevor Hastie, Jonathan Taylor Selective Inference and Learning Mixed Graphical Models 2015
Lesnick, Michael Gunnar Carlsson Multidimensional interleavings and applications to topological inference 2012
Letourneau, Pierre-David Eric Darve, George Papanicolaou Fast algorithms and imaging in strongly-scattering media 2013
Levi, Ofer David Donoho Multiscale geometric analysis of three-dimensional data 2005
Lewis, Ryan H. Gunnar Carlsson Spectral Sequences for Applied Topology 2016
Li, Song Eric Darve Fast algorithms for sparse matrix inverse computations. 2009
Lim, Paul James Harris Low frequency noise as a characterization and reliability tool for the evaluation of advanced mosfets. 2009
Lim, Lek-Heng Gene Golub, Gunnar Carlsson Foundations of Numerical Multilinear Algebra: Decompositions and Approximations of Tensors 2007
Lin, Yang Eric Shaqfeh, Gianluca Iaccarino Validation and Sensitivity Analysis of Simulations ofParticle Deposition in Human Airways 2014
Liu, Yifan Lawrence M Wein Mathematical Models in Homeland Security 2006
Maes, Christopher Michael Saunders A regularized active-set method for sparse convex quadratic programming 2011
Main, Geoffrey Charbel Farhat Implicit and Higher-Order Discretization Methods for Compressible Multi-Phase Fluid and Fluid-Structure Problems 2015
Mallison, Bradley Margot Gerritsen Streamline-based simulation of two-phase, multicomponent flow in porous media 2004
Meister, Arwen Wing Wong, Walter Murray Learning and prediction with dynamical system models of gene regulation 2013
Meng, Xiangrui Michael Saunders Randomized algorithms for large-scale strongly over-determined linear regression problems 2014
Mitchell, Ian Claire Tomlin Application of level set methods to control and reachability problems in continuous and hybrid systems 2002
Mittal, Akshay Gianluca Iaccarino Uncertainity Propogation in Multiphysics Systems 2015
Modarresi, Kourosh Gene Golub A Local Regularization Method Using Multiple Regularization Levels 2007
Molino, Neil Ron Fedkiw Mesh generation and fracture for deformable bodies 2004
Motskin, Ariel Leonidas Guibas Lightweight Scheduling and Information Delivery in Wireless Networks 2010
Muthuraman, Kumar Sunil Kumar Computational schemes for stochastic singular control problems, with applications in portfolio optimization 2003
Myers, Seth Modeling Information Flow in Networks 2016
Naul, Brett Jonathan Taylor Sparse Covariance Estimation Using Stein's Unbiased Risk Estimator (SURE) 2015
Neverov, Igor Ron Fedkiw Physics based modeling of the human face 2005