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Name Adviser Thesis Title PhD Graduation Yearsort descending
Zha, Hongyuan Gene Golub The singular value decompositions: Theory, algorithms and applications 1993
Yang, Dan Robert W Dutton Mesh generation and information model for device simulation 1994
Ernst, Oliver Gene Golub Fast numerical solution of exterior Helmholtz problems with radiation boundary condition by imbedding 1995
Giladi, Eldar Hybrid numerical asymptotic methods 1995
Grote, Marcus Nonreflecting boundary conditions 1995
Taswell, Carl Algorithms for wavelet transforms and adaptive wavelet packet decompositions 1995
Witting, Patrick Joseph Oliger Numerical investigation of stratus cloud layer breakup by cloud top instabilities 1995
Borcea, Liliana George Papanicolaou Direct and inverse problems for transport in high contrast media 1996
Smith, Jeremy Andrew M Stuart Analysis of moving mesh methods for dissipative partial differential equations 1996
Talwar, Shilpa Arogyaswami Paulraj Blind space-time algorithms for wireless communication systems 1996
Zhu, Xiaolei Joseph Oliger Composite adaptive grid methods for partial differential equations 1996
Hsiau, Ze-Kai Robert W Dutton Boundary movement in semiconductor etching and deposition simulation 1997
Samandari, Hamid Andrew M Stuart On a class of pattern formation equations 1997
Shardlow, Tony Andrew M Stuart Topics in dissipative evolution equations 1997
Sircar, Ronnie George Papanicolaou Feedback effects and stochastic volatility in derivative pricing 1997
Solna, Knut George Papanicolaou Stable spreading of acoustic pulses due to laminated microstructure 1997
Yu, Pok-Yin David Donoho New developments in interpolating wavelet transforms 1997
Gerritsen, Margot Joseph Oliger Designing an efficient solution strategy for fluid flows 1997
Gander, Martin Andrew M Stuart Analysis of parallel algorithms for time-dependent partial differential equations 1997
Behrman, William Walter Murray An efficient gradient flow method for unconstrained optimization 1998
Vanderveen, Michaela Arogyaswami Paulraj Estimation of parametric channel models in wireless communication networks 1998
Zhan, Xiaowei Gene Golub Parallel electromagnetic field solvers using finite element methods with adaptive refinement and their application to wakefield computation of axisymmetric accelerator structure 1998
Boman, Erik Walter Murray Infeasibility and negative curvature in optimization 1999
Elling, Volker Tai-Ping Liu A Lax-Wendroff type theorem for unstructured grids 2000
Gupta, Aparna Walter Murray Optimum asset allocation with behavioral utilities: A plan for acquiring and consuming retirement funds 2000
Lee, Roger George Papanicolaou Implied and local volatilities under stochastic volatility 2000
Nguyen, Nhat Peyman Milanfar, Gene Golub Numerical algorithms for image superresolution 2000
Zhang, John Carlo Tomasi Computing camera heading: A study 2000
Zhang, Tony Gene Golub Methods for computational and statistical estimation with applications 2000
Karavelas, Menelaos Leonidas Guibas Proximity structures for moving objects in constrained and unconstrained environments 2001
Wang, Gaofeng Robert W Dutton Coupled electromagnetic and device level investigations of metal-insulator-semiconductor interconnects 2001
Mitchell, Ian Claire Tomlin Application of level set methods to control and reachability problems in continuous and hybrid systems 2002
Sigurgeirsson, Hersir Joseph Oliger Particle-field models: Algorithms and applications 2002
Tupper, Paul Gene Golub Topics in the numerical analysis of ordinary differential equations: Molecular dynamics and chemical kinetics 2002
Enright, Douglas Ron Fedkiw Use of the particle level set method for enhanced resolution of free surface flows 2002
Bridson, Robert Ron Fedkiw Computational aspects of dynamic surfaces 2003
Franklin, Joel Sebastian Doniach Topics in macro-molecular dynamics integration 2003
Hargrove, Paul Hamilton Jim Plummer Efficient kinetic Monte Carlo simulation of annealing in semiconductor materials. 2003
Lambers, James Gene Golub Krylov subspace methods for variable-coefficient initial-boundary value problems 2003
Muthuraman, Kumar Sunil Kumar Computational schemes for stochastic singular control problems, with applications in portfolio optimization 2003
Sun, Yong Gene Golub The filter algorithm for solving large-scale eigenproblems from accelerator simulations 2003
Woo, Jung Eric Shaqfeh DNA chain dynamics and its applications to micro devices and scission 2003
Bryson, Stephen Doron Levy High-order central schemes for balance laws and Hamilton-Jacobi equations 2004
Doyle, Maureen Walter Murray A barrier algorithm for large nonlinear optimization problems 2004
Mallison, Bradley Margot Gerritsen Streamline-based simulation of two-phase, multicomponent flow in porous media 2004
Molino, Neil Ron Fedkiw Mesh generation and fracture for deformable bodies 2004
Kamvar, Sepandar Christopher D Manning Personalized search in self-organizing data networks 2004
Neverov, Igor Ron Fedkiw Physics based modeling of the human face 2005
Su, Zheng Tze Leung Lai Computational methods for least squares problems and clinical trials 2005
Teran, Joseph Ron Fedkiw Novel finite element algorithms with applications to skeletal muscle simulation 2005