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PhD Alumni

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Namesort descending Adviser Thesis Title PhD Graduation Year
Aczon, Melissa Margot Gerritsen Stability and Error Estimation using Entropy Functions 2007
Akle Serrano, Santiago Michael Saunders, Yinyu Ye Algorithms for Unsymmetric Cone Optimization and an Implementation for Problems with the Exponential Cone 2015
Ambikasaran, Sivaram Eric Darve Fast Algorithms for Dense Numerical Linear Algebra 2013
Arcaute, Esteban Ramesh Johari Dynamics for network formation games 2010
Arndt, Carl-Fredrik George Papanicolaou Studies in Covariance Estimation and Applications in Finance 2016
Atkinson, Michael Lawrence M Wein Mathematical models of terror interdiction. 2009
Babu, Aravindakshan Gunnar Carlsson Zigzag coarsenings, mapper stability and gene-network analyses 2013
Backer, Adam Extending Single-Molecule Microscopy Using Optical Processing Techniques 2016
Bakhos, Tania Peter Kitanidis Fast Krylov Subspace Methods for Solving Large-Scale Geostatistical Inverse Problems 2016
Baveja, Manas Lawrence M Wein Biometric Analysis of the US-VISIT Program 2007
Behrman, William Walter Murray An efficient gradient flow method for unconstrained optimization 1998
Boman, Erik Walter Murray Infeasibility and negative curvature in optimization 1999
Borcea, Liliana George Papanicolaou Direct and inverse problems for transport in high contrast media 1996
Bosagh Zadeh, Reza Gunnar Carlsson Large Scale Graph Completion 2014
Bradley, Andrew Walter Murray Algorithms for the equilibration of matrices and their application to limited-memory quasi-Newton methods 2010
Bridson, Robert Ron Fedkiw Computational aspects of dynamic surfaces 2003
Bryson, Stephen Doron Levy High-order central schemes for balance laws and Hamilton-Jacobi equations 2004
Cai, Yongyang Kenneth L Judd, Walter Murray Dynamic programming and its application in economics and finance. 2010
Callaghan, Thomas George Papanicolaou Phase-space and related methods in sensor imaging. 2010
Carlsson, John Yinyu Ye Map segmentation algorithms for geographic resource allocation. 2009
Cecka, Cristopher Eric Darve Fast multipole methods and high performance computing 2011
Chai, Anwei George Papanicolaou Array Imaging of sparse scatterers 2011
Chang, Huang-Wei Gunnar Carlsson Data exploration with multi-persistent density clustering 2013
Chen, Sheng Oliver Fringer Adaptive error estimators for electromagnetic field solvers 2009
Choi, Sou-Cheng Michael Saunders Iterative Methods for Singular Linear Equations and Least-Squares Problems 2007
Choi, Young Soo Walter Murray Simultaneous analysis and design in PDE-constrained optimization 2013
Chopra, Gaurav Michael Levitt Computational modeling of solvent in structural biology. 2010
Constantine, Paul Gianluca Iaccarino Spectral methods for parametrized matrix equations. 2009
Cortial, Julien Charbel Farhat Time-parallel methods for accelerating the solution of structural dynamics problems 2011
Dalal, Onkar Optimization Methods for Regularized High Dimensional Graphical Model Selection 2012
Damle, Anil Lexing Ying Sparse Representations and Fast Algorithms for Kohn-Sham Orbitals 2016
Deng, Linzhong Michael Saunders Multiple-rank Updates to Matrix Factorizations for nonlinear Analysis and Circuit Design 2010
Dharmaraja, Sohan Adrian Lew Time integrators based on approximate discontinuous hamiltonians 2012
Diacco, Anthony Gerd Infanger, Walter Murray Fixed-Income Portfolio Construction via Simulation and Stochastic Programming 2009
Ding, Yi Gunnar Carlsson Topological algorithms mapping point cloud data. 2009
Doyle, Maureen Walter Murray A barrier algorithm for large nonlinear optimization problems 2004
Elling, Volker Tai-Ping Liu A Lax-Wendroff type theorem for unstructured grids 2000
Enright, Douglas Ron Fedkiw Use of the particle level set method for enhanced resolution of free surface flows 2002
Ernst, Oliver Gene Golub Fast numerical solution of exterior Helmholtz problems with radiation boundary condition by imbedding 1995
Fong, Chin-Lung Michael Saunders Minimum-residual methods for sparse least-squares using Golub-Kahan bidiagonalization 2012
Fong, William Eric Darve Multi-scale methods in time and space for particle simulations. 2009
Franklin, Joel Sebastian Doniach Topics in macro-molecular dynamics integration 2003
Gander, Martin Andrew M Stuart Analysis of parallel algorithms for time-dependent partial differential equations 1997
Gawlik, Evan Adrian Lew Design and Analysis of Numerical Methods for Free- and Moving-Boundary Problems 2015
Gerritsen, Margot Joseph Oliger Designing an efficient solution strategy for fluid flows 1997
Gewitz, Andrew Tze Leung Lai A Sequential Monte Carlo Approach to Joint Longitudinal and Time-to-Event Modeling 2015
Ghili, Saman Gianluca Iaccarino Polynomial and rational Approximation Techniques for Non-Intrusive Uncertainty Quantification 2016
Giladi, Eldar Hybrid numerical asymptotic methods 1995
Gleich, David Gene Golub, Michael Saunders Models and algorithms for pagerank sensitivity.. 2009
Green, Cristina Alexander G Kosovichev Numerical modeling of convective instability in a stratified shear layer and wave-like properties of solar supergranulation. 2008