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Michael Saunders Saunders, Michael
Management Science and Engineering Professor (Research)

Professor Saunders develops mathematical methods for solving large-scale constrained optimization problems and large systems of equations. He also implements such methods as general-purpose software to allow their use in many areas of engineering, science, and business.

Shaqfeh, Eric
Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering Professor, Chair, Chemical Engineering, Lester Levi Carter Professor

Professor Shaqfeh's research program includes the study of different areas associated with transport in complex fluids including: a) the occurrence of purely elastic instabilities in polymer flows, b) the micro-dynamics of polymer molecules, including DNA, in nonequilibrium transport, c) the flow behavior of fiber suspensions, d) the general microfluidic flow behavior of complex fluids and, most recently, e) the stability of compressible boundary layer flows.

Spakowitz, Andrew
Chemical Engineering Assistant Professor

Professor Spakowitz's research group utilizes analytical theory and computational techniques to address the physics of biological systems and complex fluids.

Suckale, Jenny Geophysics Assistant Professor
Taylor, Jonathan
Statistics Professor
Hamdi Tchelepi Tchelepi, Hamdi
Energy Resources Engineering Professor, Co-Director, Center for Computational Earth and Environmental Science

Professor Tchelepi is interested in modeling flow and transport in natural porous media. Application areas include reservoir simulation and subsurface CO2 sequestration.

Benjamin Van Roy Van Roy, Benjamin
Electrical Engineering, Management Science and Engineering Professor

Professor Van Roy is interested in the formulation and analysis of mathematical models that address problems in information technology, business, and public policy.

Vasy, Andras
Mathematics Associate Professor

Research interests are partial differential equations, more specifically microlocal analysis and geometric scattering theory.

Lawrence M Wein Wein, Lawrence
Graduate School of Business Jeffrey S. Skoll Professor Professor of Management Science , Senior Fellow (by courtesy), Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies at Stanford

Research areas include manufacturing, health care, and homeland security.

ICME Adjunct Professor
Wong, Wing
Statistics Professor of Statistics and of Health Research and Policy and, by courtesy, of Biological Sciences

Computational Biology and Statistical Inference

Wootters, Mary
Computer Science, Electrical Engineering Assistant Professor

Broadly interested in theoretical computer science and theoretical aspects of engineering, especially concerning communication, storage, and data processing.   More specifically in error correcting codes, randomized algorithms, dimension reduction, matrix completion, group testing, and sparse signal processing.  

Yinyu Ye Ye, Yinyu
Management Science and Engineering Professor; Kwoh-Ting Li Professor in the School of Engineering

Professor Ye's research interests lie in the areas of optimization, complexity theory, algorithm design and analysis, and applications of mathematical programming, operations research and system engineering. He is also interested in developing optimization software for various real-world applications.

Ying, Lexing
Mathematics, ICME Professor

Professor Ying's research focuses on developing fast and accurate numerical algorithms for problems in acoustics and electromagnetics, computational seismology, computational material sciences, and transport theory.