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Juan Alonso Alonso, Juan
Aeronautics and Astronautics Associate Professor

Past and current research includes transonic, supersonic, and hypersonic vehicles, rotorcraft, turbomachinery, and launch vehicles. Specific current interests include advanced methods for design, multi-fidelity optimization, environmentally-friendly aircraft, uncertainty quantification and robust design, and system-level challenges for NextGen.

Behrman, Bill
ICME Director, Stanford Data Lab
  • The development of the practical skills of data science through project-based learning
  • The solution of data science challenges from social sector
ICME Adjunct Professor
Biondi, Biondo
Geophysics Professor of Geophysics, Co-Director, Center for Computational Earth and Environmental Science

Professor Biondi and his students devise new algorithms to improve the imaging of reflection seismic data.

Reza Bosagh Zadeh, Reza
ICME Adjunct Professor
  • Machine Learning Theory and Applications
  • Distributed Computing
  • Discrete Applied Mathematics
Bose, Sanjeeb ICME Adjunct Professor
Boyd, Stephen
Electrical Engineering Professor

Convex optimization, especially applications to engineering problems.

Emmanuel Candes Candes, Emmanuel
Mathematics, Statistics The Simons Chair in Mathematics and Statistics

Compressive sensing, mathematical signal processing, computational harmonic analysis, scientific computing, stastistical estimation and detection, high-dimensional statistics. Applications to the imaging sciences and inverse problems. Other topics of interest include mathematical optimization and information theory.

Gunnar Carlsson Carlsson, Gunnar Mathematics Professor

Applied algebraic topology and algebraic K-theory

Cecka, Cris ICME Adjunct Professor
Eric Darve Darve, Eric
Mechanical Engineering Associate Professor

Professor Darve's research is focused on the development of numerical methods for large scale scientific computing with applications in biomolecular simulations, acoustics, electromagnetics, and microfluidics.

David Donoho Donoho, David
Statistics Anne T. and Robert M. Bass Professor in the School of Humanities and Sciences

Professor Donoho's theoretical research interests have focused on the mathematics of statistical inference and on theoretical questions arising in applying harmonic analysis to various applied problems. His applied research interests have ranged from data visualization to various problems in scientific signal processing, image processing, and inverse problems.

Ron Dror Dror, Ron
Computer Science, ICME Associate Professor

Computational biology, with an emphasis on the spatial organization and dynamics of biomolecules and cells.

Eric Dunham Dunham, Eric
Geophysics Assistant Professor

Research focuses on the development and use of physics-based computational simulations to characterize and understand earthquakes and volcanoes.

Charbel Farhat Farhat, Charbel
Aeronautics and Astronautics, Mechanical Engineering Professor, Chair, Aeronautics and Astronautics, Vivian Church Hoff Professor of Aircraft Structures

Professor Farhat and his research group develop mathematical models, advanced computational algorithms, and high-performance software for the design and analysis of complex systems in aerospace, marine, mechanical, and naval engineering.

Ron Fedkiw Fedkiw, Ron
Computer Science Associate Professor

Professor Fedkiw's research is focused on the design of new computational algorithms for a variety of applications including computational fluid dynamics, computer graphics, and biomechanics.

Oliver Fringer Fringer, Oliver
Civil and Environmental Engineering Associate Professor

Research focuses on the development and application of numerical models and high-performance computational techniques to the study of fundamental processes that influence the dynamics of the coastal ocean, rivers, lakes, and estuaries.

Margot Gerritsen photo Gerritsen, Margot
Energy Resources Engineering Director, Institute for Computational and Mathematical Engineering, Associate Professor

Professor Gerritsen's primary research interests are the design and analysis of efficient numerical solution methods for partial differential equations that arise in fluid dynamics. She currently specializes in simulation and performance prediction of heavy oil reservoirs and enhanced oil recovery processes.

Giesecke, Kay
Management Science and Engineering Associate Professor

Kay's research addresses the quantification and management of financial risks. He is particularly interested in

  • The stochastic modeling, valuation and hedging of financial risks,
  • The development of statistical tools to estimate and predict these risks, and
  • The methods for solving the significant computational problems that arise in this context.

His research contributions...

Peter Glynn Glynn, Peter
Management Science and Engineering Professor and Chair, Management Science and Engineering, Thomas W. Ford Professor in the School of Engineering

Interests include discrete-event simulation, computational probability, queuing, and general theory for stochastic systems. Current applications areas include performance engineering for communications networks, control algorithms for wireless networks, and computational finance.

Ashish Goel Goel, Ashish
Management Science and Engineering Associate Professor

I conduct research in the design, analysis, and applications of algorithms. Current application interests include Social Networks and Social Algorithms;
Crowdsourced Democracy; Internet Commerce; Reputation, Recommendation, and Trust Systems; Algorithms for large scale data processing.

Gous, Alan ICME Adjunct Professor
Leonidas Guibas Guibas, Leonidas
Computer Science Professor, Paul Piggot Professor in Engineering

Current foci of interest include geometric modeling with point cloud data, deformations and contacts, organizing and searching libraries of 3D shapes and images, sensor networks for lightweight distributed estimation / reasoning, analysis of GPS traces and other mobility data, and modeling the shape and motion biological macromolecules and other biological structures.  More theoretical work is aimed at investigating fundamental computational issues and limits in geometric computing and...

Patrick Hanrahan Hanrahan, Patrick
Computer Science, Electrical Engineering Professor, Canon Professor in the School of Engineering

Current research involves rendering algorithms, high performance graphics architectures, and systems support for graphical interaction. Professor Hanrahan also has worked on raster graphics systems, computer animation and modeling and scientific visualization, in particular, volume rendering.

Jerry M. Harris Harris, Jerry
Geophysics Cecil H. and Ida M. Green Professor of Geophysics, Associate Dean for Multicultural Affairs

Professor Harris' research interests address a range of problems related to the physics and dynamics of seismic and electromagnetic waves in complex media.

Hastie, Trevor
Statistics, ICME Professor
  • Statistical Learning and Datamining
  • Statistical Computing
  • Bioinformatics
Henderson, Nicholas ICME Research Engineer
Gianluca Iaccarino Iaccarino, Gianluca
Mechanical Engineering Associate Professor

Research themes include numerical methods for fluid mechanics, physical models for laminar/turbulent flows, and uncertainty quantification in computational science.

Jain, Kapil
ICME Lecturer

Directing the ICME MCF program

James, Doug Computer Science, ICME Professor of Computer Science
  • Computer Graphics
  • Computer Sound
  • Physically based Modeling and Animation
  • Reduced-order Physics Models
Antony Jameson Jameson, Antony
Aeronautics and Astronautics Professor (Research), Thomas V. Jones Professor in the School of Engineering

Professor Jameson's research focuses on the numerical solution of partial differential equations with applications to subsonic, transonic, and supersonic flow past complex configurations, as well as aerodynamic shape optimization.

Ramesh Johari Johari, Ramesh
Management Science and Engineering Associate Professor

Professor Johari is interested in the design and management of large-scale complex networks, such as the Internet. Using tools from operations research, engineering, and economics, he has developed models to analyze efficient market mechanisms for resource allocation in networks.

Khayms, Vadim ICME Senior Lecturer
Peter Kitanidis Kitanidis, Peter
Civil and Environmental Engineering Professor

Professor Kitanidis develops methods for the solution of interpolation and inverse problems utilizing observations and mathematical models of flow and transport. He studies dilution and mixing of soluble substances in heterogeneous geologic formations, issues of scale in mass transport in heterogeneous porous media, and techniques to speed up the decay of pollutants in situ. He also develops methods for hydrologic forecasting and the optimization of sampling and control strategies.

Tse Leung Lai Lai, Tze Leung
Statistics, Cancer Center Professor of Statistics

Professor Lai's present research areas include sequential experimentation, adaptive design and control, stochastic optimization, time series analysis and forecasting, change-point detection, hidden Markov models and particle filters, empirical Bayes modeling, multivariate survival analysis, probability theory and stochastic processes, biostatistics, econometrics, quantitative finance, risk management cancer clinical trials, biomarker-guided personalized medicine, machine learning and...

Le, Hung ICME, Mechanical Engineering Lecturer
Sanjiva Lele Lele, Sanjiva Aeronautics and Astronautics, Mechanical Engineering Professor

Professor Lele's research combines numerical simulations with analytical modeling to study fundamental unsteady flow phenomena, turbulence, flow instabilities, and flow-generated sound.

Adrian Lew Lew, Adrian
Mechanical Engineering Associate Professor

Professor Lew's interests lie in the broad area of computational solid mechanics. He is concerned with the fundamental design and mathematical analysis of material models and numerical algorithms.

Marsden, Alison Pediatrics, Bioengineering, ICME Associate Professor

Professor Marsden’s research focuses on patient specific modeling and simulation for cardiovascular disease.  She develops and applies advanced algorithms for computational fluid dynamics, optimization, and uncertainty quantification to clinically relevant problems with particular interests in pediatric and congenital heart disease and coronary artery disease.

Minion, Michael
ICME Adjunct Professor

Research interests are in scientific computing with an emphasis on novel algorithms for problems in fluid dynamics.

Parviz Moin Moin, Parviz
Mechanical Engineering Franklin P. and Caroline M. Johnson Professor in the School of Engineering, Chair, Flow Physics and Computation Division of Mechanical Engineering

Professor Moin pioneered the use of direct and Large Eddy Simulation techniques for the study of turbulence physics, control and modelling concepts and has written widely on the structure of turbulent shear flows. His current interests include: interaction of turbulent flows and shock waves, aerodynamic noise and hydroacoustics, aerooptics, combustion, numerical analysis, turbulence control, large eddy simulation and parallel computing.

Walter Murray Murray, Walter
Management Science and Engineering Professor (Research)

Research interests include numerical optimization, numerical linear algebra, sparse matrix methods, optimization software and applications of optimization.

Brad Osgood Osgood, Brad
Electrical Engineering, Education Professor

Professor Osgood is interested in problems in imaging, pattern recognition, and signal processing.

Vijay Pande Pande, Vijay
Chemistry Professor

Professor Pande and his group are interested in the self-assembly properties of biomolecules: for example, how do protein and RNA molecules fold? How do proteins misfold and aggregate and how can we use our understanding of this process to tackle misfolding related diseases, such as Alzheimer's or Huntington's Disease? How can we design or discover novel small molecules to inhibit this process?

Papanicolaou, George
Mathematics Robert Grimmett Professor of Mathematics

Professor Papanicolaou is currently working on assessing multi-pathing effects in communication systems, especially when time reversal arrays are used. Another recent interest is financial mathematics, the use of asymptotics for stochastic equations in analyzing complex models of financial markets and in data analysis.

Arogyaswami Paulraj Paulraj, Arogyaswami
Electrical Engineering Professor (Research) Emeritus
  • MIMO Wireless Theory  (Wikipedia Article)
  • Antenna Array Processing
  • Mobile and WLAN Wireless Systems
Marco Pavone Pavone, Marco
Aeronautics and Astronautics Assistant Professor

Research interests lie in the area of design and control of autonomous systems, with a focus on robotic platforms for planetary exploration, distributed coordination of multi-robot networks, formation flying, and transportation networks.

Peter Pinsky Pinsky, Peter Mechanical Engineering Professor

Professor Pinsky works in the theory and practice of computational mechanics with a particular interest in multiphysics problems in biomechanics.  His work uses the close coupling of techniques for molecular, statistical and continuum mechanics with biology, chemistry and clinical science. Areas of current interest include the mechanics of human vision (ocular mechanics) and the mechanics of hearing.

Lenya Ryzhik Ryzhik, Lenya
Mathematics Professor

Theoretical PDEs, complex analysis

Saberi, Amin
Management Science and Engineering Associate Professor

Research interests include algorithms, approximation algorithms, and algorithmic aspects of games, markets, and networks.