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ICME Computer Resources

ICME Student Usage Machines

ICME maintains 2 shared memory machines.


ICME-Share is a large resource server with 3 TB Ram machine with 144 cores, intel Xeon E7-8890V3 2.5 GHz processors, and 10 TB of drive space. This server maintains a Matlab instance that can be used by all users of the system.

  • To get a user account please email
  • To access the server you will need to use ssh. (ssh -l <sunetid>
  • NOTE: To get access to the machines from outside of Stanford network you will need to VPN into Stanford first.

Virtual Desktops:

ICME will supply vertual desktop machines to ICME students upon request. Students can choose linux distributions, such as Ubuntu, Centos desktop clients.

  • To get a VM please email
  • Standard VM's will have 8 Gb ram and 80 Gb disk space and a dual core.
  • Users can request custom criteria for their VM.
  • Matlab can be available for the VM.

ICME Hadoop Cluster

ICME-hadoop1 is a 20 node cluster running cloudera. This cluster is for workshops and small hadoop jobs.

  • This cluster is a teaching cluster for ICME student use.
  • To access the cluster after the creation of an account you will need to use ssh. (ssh -l <sunetid>

Stanford Computing Policies

The Stanford Administrative Guide includes information on computing and networking policies and procedures relating to usage, security, identification, and Stanford domains:

Please note: Absolutely no Personally Identifiable Information (PII) or Protected Health Information (PHI) can be used or stored on any of ICME systems!