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Short Courses

ICME offers a variety of 1-unit short courses. The courses include 10 hours of classroom instruction and 20 hours of individual or group work. The goal of each short course is to quickly and effectively teach material that is useful in a variety of other courses and also many areas of research. The course instructors are typically advanced graduate students with exceptional teaching experience and passion for the course subject matter.

We are very interested in feedback from the Stanford community as we expand our short course offerings. Please email if you have any questions or comments.

2016-2017 Short Courses

Course # Title Quarters
CME 192 Introduction to Matlab Aut, Win, Spr
CME 193 Introduction to Scientific Python Aut, Win, Spr
CME 195 Introduction to R Aut, Spr
CME 250 Introduction to Machine Learning Aut, Win, Spr
CME 253 Introduction to GPU Computing and CUDA Win
CME 292 Advanced MATLAB for Scientific Computing Aut, Spr

Resources from past courses

CME250A: Machine Learning on Big Data (as offered Spring 2016)