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Connections of ICME across Campus

ICME is well-connected on campus and outside through affiliated faculty, collaborative faculty, instructors, and visitors.

Housed in the School of Engineering as an interdisciplanary institute, ICME is well-positioned for powerful interactions across disciplines. 

ICME Affiliated Faculty represent all nine Engineering departments and work with ICME students in fluid dynamics, design, molecular dynamics, ocean flows, ground water simulation, graph theory and network algorithms, graphics, parallel programming, and many other engineering problems.  

As a center of collaboration for computational research on campus, ICME also has strong ties to departments outside the School of Engineering.  We work with colleagues in Mathematics and Statistics on fundamental modeling approaches; in Chemistry on molecular dynamics; in Earth, Energy, and Environmental Sciences on complex problems arising in energy systems, seismic inversion, earthquake modeling and climate modeling; in Medicine on applications in computational surgery, bio-informatics, and genetics; with researchers at SLAC on radiation treatments; as well as with faculty in many other areas across the Stanford.  

These campus connections are illustrated in the accompanying figure.  Strength of connection is indicated by the thickness of the connecting line, as determined by the number of faculty in the partner department who are affiliated with ICME or who collaborate with ICME.